Friday, January 23, 2009


I have been a very bad blogger.
I should be ban from ever blogging again!!!
Shame on me,,,,slap my hand.
It does make me feel soooooooo popular that everyone is asking where I am and sending me emails. I have been at market for the past week SHOPPING ( I am still trying to convince my hubby that I was working) I was there getting stuff for my new store....
On the other hand, I will be out of blog-land again starting this Tuesday....
Believe it or not I am having to have another surgery....yes, I said surgery.
I have to have my gall bladder removed!!!!
So I think I will be down and out for a week or so.....
Wish me luck.
p.s. miss anne I am going to send you a email

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today was CHRISTMAS for me.....
Hubby had got me a Jon Hart purse and make-up bag for Christmas. He did not know which on I wanted so the store let him take one for Christmas and then I could go in and order one. Well, it came in today! I was so excited to pick it up....
Here it is! I picked leopard (go figure) with a black leather.
On the make-up bag I had them add my name (just incase I forget it- you never know)
So, I have already changed out my purse and I am ready to go....
Love, Love,Love it...
Thanks hubby!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A night with FRIENDS...and one wired woman

Last week my BBB (best bloggin buddy) Jill a.k.a. onewiredwoman called me to tell me that her and the family were coming to S.A. for a mini-vaca!!! I was so excited. We have been extremely busy this holiday season but they came at the perfect time and we were able to see them!!! Yea!!! They were staying downtown which was great because it forced us to go there. (you know locals never do the tour thing)
We met them at their hotel and they we went to eat at Rain Forest . I just love Jill and Matt they are so easy going and our families get along so well. I really do wish they lived here!
This is Jill and I on the river! Thank goodness that this picture turned out that it hides just how fat I look in this new sweater dress! I bet that you will never see me in that again
I was having a real bad camera night. All of my pictures were coming out dark. This is one of the great sights that we saw downtown. Santa and the reindeers....all sparkly.

After we ate we walked around the very crowded riverwalk. Jill and family were staying at the Hyatt so we hung out there for awhile. There is not a lot of room on the riverwalk and with one wrong step you can get wet, so the kids were getting antsy. Poor Matt had not been feeling well so later that night he took a turn for the worse and had to up to his hotel room (of corse no kids allowed). All in all we had a great night. I just love Jill and if you don't know her she is one of the funniest  person I know. I think that night we must have said, "Bon Qui Qui" , "I will cut you" and "rou"( for rude) like 100 times and my kids were telling me to be quite!!!(what-ev) Great to see you guys. Jill call me this week "ROU"
Bon qui qui

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cotton Bowl or Bust???

The ganged head out the door this morning to drive back up to Dallas to see the Cotton Bowl!
All the boyz were so excited. Texas tech and Old Miss are playing. I know we would have been much more excited to see UT there,,,,,but oh well.
Hip hubby and the boyz are going back to the Parrott's house and going with then to the game. Since our family only has 4 tickets guess who stayed behind? Me.....and I have gotten so much stuff done around the house today. I have just piddled all day. Tomorrow I am going to take a shower and get out of my p.j. to do some shopping.

 I hope you boyz have a great time and yell really loud.
And hip hubby was sent with a camera and has instructions to come home with at least
 25 pictures<<

Wishing you a Happy New Years!!!

Friends, fun and Phelps

This past weekend we drove to Dallas to spend the weekend with our friends
 the Parrotts.  Forrest works for AT&T and just got relocated to Dallas a few months ago! We were so excited to spend some time with them and the kids could not wait to see Jessica and Jacob.
The kids had a blast!!! We woke up Saturday morning and Dallas had a tornado watch so the kids entertained themselves with a game of twister!!!
Here's the crew. Jacob, Kyle, Cody, Jessica and Connor!
Their new home is so beautiful! We just love hangin with the Parrott's they are so laid back and just go with the flow! We had relaxing and great weekend!
Jessica is a big time swimmer and loves Michael Phelps. This is one of her Christmas presents, her dad had a contact and he got Michael Phelps to send her an autographed poster. I just had to take a picture of it, I thought it was way too cool!