Monday, June 23, 2008

$540.00 = FUNLESS

Doctor's visit........$125.00
Plane ticket..........$.240.00


I know you have been waiting to hear about my exciting girls trip to Mexico. First I must warn you if you have a weak stomach stop reading!!!
I was not feeling very well last week. After I landed on Monday from Hawaii Hip hubby took me to the doctors where they gave me so meds for the hives and allergic reaction I was having to something. On Wednesday I started to feel much better. I really felt like I had turned the corner, boy was I wrong. I left to Cancun on Thursday morning at 7:00a.m. we arrived to the hotel around 11:00 and it was down hill from there. I started to feel really sick. We got something to eat thinking maybe I needed to eat. WRONG!!! SO, by 2:00 I am calling the airlines trying to find a flight home (yes, I felt that bad) So the first flight they had was on Saturday. I booked it and then called hip hubby were the tears started to flow, I begged him to find me a flight home or to please come and get me( yes, I felt that bad) Hip hubby tried his hardest but he could only get me a flight on Friday and I would have to change planes. I really just thought that I could not even change planes. So I stuck with the plan to come home on Saturday. My BFF Isabel changed her flight to come home with me... SO by 6:00 Thursday night we are trying to find the hotel doctor, but she had left for the day. I laid in bed and cried (yes, I felt that bad) By 8:00 I had fever, hives, chills and I thought I was going to die. Only to have 9:00 roll around and the puke-fest began. Thank god Michelle was up and she must have a cast iron tummy, cuz she was right there with me giving me cold rags and making sure I was o.k. I was praying to the porcelain gods and holding the trash can  at the same time(if you know what I mean) Now, that you have such a pretty picture of me, let's just say I was up all night.
Michelle left Friday for a day with the other 15 girls and Isabel stayed with me. She found the doctor around 11:00 Friday morning ( I think in Mexico they don't start to work until 11:00)
she brought the doctor to our room and she was talking about having to put me in the hospital (yes, I was that bad) Isabel said "No Way, she is not going to a hospital in Mexico'', the doctor said it was a very good private hospital, My BFF said "No, I will carry her home before we go to the hospital", The doctor finally gave up once she saw she was not going to win that battle. SO she gave in an I.V. with something in it and she had some medicine delivered to my room. She said I should start to feel better by that night. WRONG.... I was still sick as a dog Friday morning. So Isabel when back the the doctor's office and the doctor started in with the hospital again, I think the Dr. forgot who she was dealing. Isabel told her to  just give me something so she can stop praying to the porcelain gods, so we can make the flight home the next day. SO she had something else sent to the room and I was taking medicine that I could not read the label.
Needless to say, I made the flight on Saturday and of course it was 1 hour delayed, I was jacked up meds and immodium. I made what felt like the longest flight of my life (remember I just flew to Hawaii for 8 hours and this seemed twice as long.  Hip hubby was waiting for me at the airport and I cried when I saw him, I was just so happy to be home. (with American doctors)
I come home to find that 3 of the 4 boyz were all sick, too. Which normally would upset me, but I was kind happy that they were sick, so now I could stop think that I had a medical illness and I was going to die.  I laid in bed all day yesterday and I am feeling much better today. (but, I have said that before, so I am being very cautious)
So, the shopping girl that I am still managed to spend $540.00 while laying in bed and praying to the porcelain gods. I know, it is a very proud moment.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Hawaii is a slice of Heaven

Kyle, my mom and I had the most awesome time in Hawaii.
We were lucky enough to stay for 8 days and we soaked it up every minute we were there.
Here is Kyle outside of our hotel the Hilton Waikola Village and it is out of this world. Thanks Stacey for the great recommendation. 
All I can say is "PERFECT"
Kyle and I enjoy a walk under the waterfalls...
It was really rough to have to look at this amazing view everyday.
Hawaiians have this great tradition that they do. You can stop and spell out things against the black lava rock. They call it natural graffiti. 
This is just a quick taste of our Hawaii vaca. We just got home last night and during the last week I have had an allergic reaction to something. Hip hubby had to take me to the Doctors late last night. I am breaking out in hives and all of my joints are so sore.  They put me on a massive steroid and some other stuff to try and fight it off. I am really freaking out because I leave on Thursday morning for my girls trip to Mexico  and I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will hurry up and turn the corner. So it's back to bed and some more pill popping for me.....Keep your fingers crrossed that I will feel better tomorrow....

Saturday, June 7, 2008


I participated in my very first swap, it was called pinkalicious.
I got the cutest  package ever...
I was so excited when I went and check the mail, it was wrapped in pink leopard paper.
Here is a look at all of the fab goodies that I found inside.
I had to add this picture of the  lip-gloss. It is the funniest thing.

I don't even remember if I said that I liked personalized things, so when I saw this box with my name on it I was jazzed. With a name like Mallory you hardly ever find anything with my name on it.
So, I open up the box and these are all of the goodies that I found. Bath and body stuff, which I love, candy (really do I even need to say I love candy) and of course the cute lip-gloss. But wait there's MORE.... jackpot, baby....
The blocks have letters and cute Texas theme things on them like wanted, horses,rodeo,hearts, yee-haw....these are the cutest.....
She included a paper that shows all the different things that only I can spell with my blocks.
TEXAS, STYLE,HIP,GIRLY......oh my gosh, did I mention how dang cute they are.
I'm thinking these would make darling gifts...I think she has found a new customer.
I just love these.....HIP...way to cute. So if you need to go and get yourself some you can find her at
Just tell her hipmomofboyz sent ya.....
Thanks so much Trina, you have made my first swap awesome.....


Like, I don' t have anything else to do today, like pack for Hawaii.
Kyle decided that he wanted to get high-lights before we leave for Hawaii. So like the good mom that I am, I take him to get his hair high-lighted.

Doesn't he look like a surfer- dude? I  think so....
I think this we make us even for," The bad mommy post" sorry about the butt of the sandwich in last weeks lunch...


First let me start by saying I am so sorry hip hubby.
We went to a party last night at the in-laws house and Tom's niece Brenna was there. She is the queen of tea parties.  As soon as she asked Uncle Tom to come to her tea party you know I ran right for the camera. Tom has never had the chance to experience the joy of a little girls tea party. It was priceless. The big burly hip hubby with his blue cup and  pink spoon having his tea.....oh, you know I was laughing. And then it only got better.
Next, Brenna decided that Uncle Tom needed to wear a pink necklace. I just sat back and encouraged her....But, mean Uncle Tom drew the line at the princess shoes....
Why, already have the matching necklace on, what's the problem??
I have to give  him credit. He is a man's man, so this was priceless for me....
So, once again sorry hip hubby, I hope you don't loose your man card over this, but I had to share....

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I am counting down the days....
Only 2 more days and counting....
Yes, I am going to Hawaii for the very first time on Sunday. I am so excited we are going to be staying for 9 days. I am so excited about the swimming with the dolphins and scared to death about the helicopter tour. Why did I say I would do that? It sounded like a good idea at the time. Oh, well I'll just pop a zanex and take a barf bag.
With everything going on this week I am stressed to the max. The boyz had their last day of school yesterday. So the day was crazy with bring everyone lunch and planning parties. Last night was just as crazy driving everyone to their end of the year parties and Connor had a friend spend the night and out to dinner to celebrate. Today was just as wild, Cody left for a basketball tournament in Kansas. They took a private chartered bus and will be driving for 9 hours. So I was really sad that I will not see him for 12 days. boo- hoo.  Of corse I was more upset then he was, he could not even stop texting his friends to give me a good-bye kiss.(teenagers) I have to say I am really looking forward to sitting on the beach and having the cabana boy bring me drinks with pretty umbrella's in them...
(this will be after the helicopter ride, cuz if I drink before I will really be needing that barf bag)