Friday, March 28, 2008


RED AND YELLOW KILL A FELLA?????? Yes it does???
As the hip hubby and I walked back into the house about 8:30 this morning after attending Connor's Benjamin Franklin speech the screaming started. I was walking from our garage (which is detached) I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I walked up the steps and Hip hubby said he take my phone and keys and when I turned around I then saw what he had seen.  Then I opened the back door ( incase I needed a quick escape) Tom came around the garage with a shovel and the hunt was on.....He is trying to be manly and I am screaming like a little girl. Out comes our housekeeper and she started screaming in spanish and yelling "snake" and she runs back inside. I just keep screaming and jumping up and down. Tom then hits the snake with the shovel and he kills it. Oh by the way I am still screaming. Then he thinks he is going to bury it in the yard. Are you kidding me,,,,I told him all the other snakes will come after us for revenge, you must get rid of it....(after I take some pictures to verify this is not poisonous and for my blog) oh by the way "still screaming."
After all the excitment I come inside and our housekeeper is yelling "poisonous". So I get on the computer and look up poisonous snakes and what do you know a picture of the snakes pops up  a CORAL snake and guess what.....YES IT IS POISONOUS......
This is Tom the snake killer...Now we will have to listen to how macho he is because he killed a snake....(really I will listen to him all day long, because thank god he was here and saw it)
Only in Texas can you kill a poisonous snake before breakfast.....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt #2

Our good friends the Donielson's came over to celebrate Easter. Connor and Cole wanted to have their own egg hunt.
So we stuffed more eggs (thank goodness I over bought on the candy). This time we had Kyle hide all of the eggs. Connor and Cole had a blast.
Connor's basket looks pretty full...
Cole was just to fast for the camera, so I made he stop and do the picking up the easter egg pose...


Easter is here.....I love Easter. The hip kids got their baskets and they were a big hit. Yes this picture is sideways, I was to lazy to change it. All the boys got a new bathing suit and a special gift. Cody got an ipod case, Kyle wanted a new pair of shorts and Connor wanted some cologne.(oh, he is growing up so fast). Hip Hubby and I were the egg hiders. We have more fun trying to hide the eggs, so the kids can't find them,(well he likes to do that, I make it pretty easy for them)....
Even our door greater "Miss. Bunny" got in on the hide....
Here come the boyz....and the hunt began. Each year the older they get, the faster it is all over. They can run and pick up an egg in one clean swoop and know what kind of candy it has.....what talent..
Here is some of the loot....Every Hip has to keep his loot separate. I guess they have not figured out that I put all of the candy in the same jar....
WARNING TO ALL.......This is what your teeth will look like if you eat all of the candy in one day......please brush your teeth tonight....

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today at our big Easter party at the in-laws, they had oysters!!!!!yum,yum. Kyle just dove right in. He loves oysters and could not get enough. You had to shuck them and he did a great job. He loved them raw and grilled on the open fire...
Here's the proof. Yes, a 12 year old loves oysters!!!! Look how cute he is with his glove on.
Bottoms up...or down they slide.  I think after 12 oysters I had to cut him off. All I could think about was all the candy,sausage,pasta salad, and oysters in his little tummy.


Today we went over to the in-laws for their big Easter party. Here in Texas we love to have cascarones. Hip hubby got nailed in the head with one and this is the left over...
Connor really got into the sprit....he got G-pa really good.
Kyle with cousin Korbin dying easter eggs.
Of course what all of the kids were waiting for was the Big Easter Egg Hunt....
I bet there was probably 20+ kids. The kids had a blast hunting for the eggs.
There were 3 GOLDEN eggs with $$$ in them for the kids to find. Kyle and Connor each found one...Lets just say I was glad that I did not do any of the hiding, I didn't want to be questioned about that..
Here Connor is with his big winning....The GOLDEN egg.


I really wanted to post this yesterday,but I could not get my blog working.
I love this sign and I found it at Hobby Lobby ($7.00)
When I read this I think it says it all
"Whatever is Noble, Right, Pure, Lovely....Think on these things" Phil 4:8


Today we finally dyed our EASTER eggs.... I have had them boiled for days but with Cody being in New York and Connor was sick this was the first day we could sit down and color eggs. The hip 14 year old declared that he was to old to dye eggs,,,(WHAT) So, I talked him into dying 6 eggs and of course once he got started he couldn't stop. Each of the boyz had 1 1/2 dozen eggs to dye,,, sound like a lot but they finished in record time. This was just a warm up, we are going to the grandparents house with all of the family to dye more eggs and have  a egg hunt this afternoon. 
See hip Cody did get into dying the eggs...
Connor had a mess, I don't know what he was doing.
Kyle had one of the coolest eggs.It ended up looking like camouflage. 
Here are some of the finished eggs...I love all of the bright colors. It reminds me that spring is here, or if you live in Texas summer is right around the corner!

Friday, March 21, 2008


On Wednesday we took the boyz bowling. They had a blast and I had even more fun watching them..( I just got my nails done and we had family pictures in 2 days, I couldn't  afford a broken nail). The boyz ended up bowling 6 games and that took a very long 2 hours.....
Kyle with perfect form...I think that is what they call it in bowling.
O.K. This is where things got very interesting and funny. After 6 games of bowling the boyz ( Kyle, Connor and Connor's friend Cole) tried to get creative. They came up with Surf Bowling...The Rules of the game 1. have someone hold the ball at the end of the lane. 2. get a running start 3. start to fall forward as you getting closer to the ball. 4. once you are sliding put you hands out in front of you. 5. push the ball with your hands. ( and pray that you don't hit the ball with your mouth and knock out your teeth, this did not happen but it is a warning). After you have mastered the game of surf bowling get ready to watch your score improve.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

CODY has returned

Just a quick note today....I am very excited the Cody came home last night. His flight got in around 11:30(just 1 1/2 hours late). I am a very  proud mom right now because he took....are you ready for this.... 243 pictures......that is a lot for a boy to take.( I think he got all the girls on the trip to take them for him)I was a little sad that I did not get to go to the airport, I had it all planed the littlest of the hips Connor was staying at a friends house and of course I got the phone call about 8p.m. that he had just gotten sick. ( It had to be all over my friend Julie's brand new carpet in her new house. )So, I picked up Connor and got him settled and then I went to work. My BFF Isabel's nanny's husband had a carpet cleaning business, so he saved the day and went right over to Julie's to make the carpet look bran new again.
Oh and did I mention that we are having our family pictures taken in the morning.. So I need all the blessings you can send that Connor will be well enough to smile.....

Sunday, March 16, 2008


On Sunday the baseball teams walks to St. Peter Lutheran Church. 
       Not only does this group of boys play together they also pray together. 
This is my favorite picture of the weekend.        

I love that the Rev. said the boys enter as Devils and leave as Angels.


Connor's baseball team the S.A. Devils had their 2nd annual camp out. Our team is fortunate enough that one of our coaches family has a ranch just outside of Fredricksburg, Tx. All 5 of the baseball teams gather once a year for a father/son camp out. The Jung family organizes this for us every year and they really go out of their way to make sure the kids have a great time. The kids have a flashlight scavenger hunt where they dig up stuff and ran courses at the end of the hunt they dug up new Devil t-shirts. The played fungo golf and they had a boat race. The also played ALOT of baseball.
Here Connor is getting ready to bat.
Connor catches frogs with some of his friends Hunter and Ben.
Devils group picture.
It was amazing that over 80 boys and their dads attend the camp out.
All of us mom's really want to say thank you for letting us have a weekend to ourselves. (did i say that out loud?)

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Cody left for his trip this morning (or for some people that did not sleep, really late at night) he had to be at the airport at 4:15 a.m. I know harsh....But I am proud to say we made it. Mom and hip brother Kyle took him. (yes, I too was shocked to hear that my 12 year old wanted to get up and do something for his brother.) I have to say Kyle was so cute telling Cody that he was really going to miss him. With brotherly love Cody replied with a half hearted "ummmm. " Hip hubby and little brother left yesterday for Connor's baseball camp out. So it was very stressful knowing I had the sole tasking of getting up at 3 a.m. (no sleep for me)
Cody(in red) with his friend Riley, Julia and Amanda. I think they are going to have a great time. I am very happy that our good friend Rick (Riley's) dad is going as a chaperone, that made saying goodbye a little easier.
Here Cody is right before we say our goodbye's. I have to say that I was very excited that he said I could take pictures. ( I did wait for another mom to that the first one so I would not look like the dorky overprotective mom.) So off you go......on your first real adventure with out us. It makes me sad to think you are growing up so fast. Life was so much easier when you were a baby and I knew I could spend every moment with you. If this is any indication of how it is going to be when you go to college I am pretty sure that hip hubby will have to have me medicated and hospitalized or I will just go with you boyz. (I'm not joking) (I mean it)
x0x0x0x0x mom

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Every once in awhile I have a CRAFTY MOMENT.....(really I like something that I think is over priced and think how can I do that). The candles fall under a crafty moment. I saw them at a local decorating store and they wanted way to much $$$ for a simple candle,so my little brain started churning. I found all of the candles at Hobby Lobby ( 1/2 price of course) and the crosses I found there also, some of the crosses are Christmas ornaments.
I just love all of the different looks and the different heights. Our dinning room table is really long and the candles really fill it up. 
p.s. you must think I am really crazy for talking about candles but the truth be told (if you read further down) I'm doing everything to avoid packing Cody for the big apple.


I have been visiting some of the wonderful blogs out there and I saw where people are sharing their decorating ideas. On the Nesting place she had a link to a blog( I don't know how to add a link so go check out her blog)that showed how she had decorated with family pictures, so I thought I would show some of mine. Above is a hallway down to my husbands office and one of the baths, this wall stayed empty for about a year. And it finally hit me to put up shelves with pictures. I have this in our kitchen bath that the previous owner had left a plan black shelve, but I decided to switch it out to a metal shelve and off I go.. putting metal shelves all over the house. Its a great way to hang pictures and put stuff on the the shelves to add dimension. I love the family sign and found that at a craft store Hobby Lobby so I hung that and just worked around it.
I took this pictures to show my wonderful work space. This is my desk (that the hip hubby as taken over) I got demoted to the kitchen desk. I did the same thing with the metal shelve. I love the piece of tin ( I just had in the garage)I added some pins to put pictures up with, so I can change those out.
This is the wall next to my work space (that hip hubby took over). I just went to the store and found stuff that I liked and I worked it in. I love the sign up top it reads, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVERY AFTER.
This is in the game room. I love all of the pictures of when the boys where babies. I framed them all myself, got everything from Hobby Lobby.( Shout out to all the framing business , love you guyz just can't afford ya.)When I put them up they looked pretty plan,,,,that is until I added the brown silk ribbon,now it has that finished look. Love it....

I've got to be a part of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.....

I have to report some very disturbing news......The oldest of the hip boyz has decided to venture out to the BIG APPLE.....( not really he will be coming home, I had you for a second)
Last night we attend Cody's eight grade trip meeting. He is leaving for New York and Washington D.C. this Saturday and will be gone for 6 days. So at the meeting we learned that the most important part and the most disturbing part of the trip is he had to be at the airport at ......are you ready for this  4:15 a.m.(I think whoever planned that needs to be fired) All kidding aside this is going to be a great experience for Cody and this will be his 2nd trip there, so he is a pro at haling a cab, riding the subway, knocking into people as you walk, being rude, paying way to much for food and bargining in China town. On this tour he will get to see NBC, Empire state building, McDonald's in time square(hey he is only 14),Stature of Liberty,Ellis Island,Financial district(make your daddy proud),"Marry Poppins", Virgin records and Battery Park. The in D.C. they see M.T. Vernon, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Center, Air and Space Museum, Holocaust Museum,Natural History Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the unknown Soldier. They get to go on the Alexandria Colonial Ghost tour (spooky), Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon and.....drum roll.........            The White House...and I am sure that President Bush will be waiting with open arms since we are from Texas..
Oh, did I mention that I had to go buy a new camera at Target for this trip. Thank goodness they were on sale, cuz Cody you better be taking lots of pictures....I hope you have a great time and trust me when I say I will counting the days until you are home. p.s. the Blue print is cuz I am sad and I will miss you.


Cody ran in his first track meet on Tuesday. He ran in the 800 and the mile. It was so exciting. I guess this goes with the territory of having 3 boyz that eventually I will attend every sporting event known to mankind. ( Which really is kinda fun, cuz I am pretty girly)
Look at the form he has,,,oh and he looks so cute..
Here Cody is running in the home stretch in the mile race. He did awesome he finished 13th out of about 40 kids. He ran the mile in 5:40 (which I am told that is a great time) . Hip mom, Kyle, Connor and hip grammie cheered him on... Way to go.
I was a bit shocked to find out that track meets are around 4 hours long.(WHAT!)
We are just so blessed that Cody runs in the second event and the last event, so that means we sit for 4 hours to watch about a 6 min. event.(LOL)  Cody I will do that for you any day (and every Tuesday) you know that I am your BIGGEST fan....


Take me out to the BALL GAME........Connor played in a tournament in Austin this  past weekend. Look at how cute he is... and that sweet face,,, I love it.
Connor plays center field and did I mention that he is the best center fielder, I have ever seen...and you know that I have seen a lot of baseball and I know my center fielders. LOL
I just love this picture. Connor is up to bat and I love the #1 on his helmet. He is #1 on the team and the kids and parents on the team call him "UNO".
O.K. I know what your first thought is, "why did she put such a dark picture up". Well if you have read my blog you know that hip hubby got me a new mega, super, long, lens for my camera. This weekend was the first time I have used it....let just say that will all the excitement of the new toy, I forgot to turn on the flash.
Here is Connor coming home to score..... 
The Devils won the game and they won the tournament. Yea...
The coolest thing is that his team really is pretty good. The are ranked #1 in the state of Texas and #3 in the country...I know pretty cool for a 10 year old. After Connor got his trophy we hauled booty out of there to get to Kyle's game. Kyle's team also won so it made for a great car ride home. Except for the fact that we left Austin at 10:00 p.m.,we had to stop and eat so we got home about midnight. The kiddos had to get up at 6:30 for school ( so I guess you can dismiss my mother of the year application).