Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Texas Christmas Tour

Here's a little tour of  Christmas Texas style!!!
Down here in Texas we have to make our own snow!!! We drive to the nearest
craft store and buy it in a bag.
Down here in Texas this is the closest that we are going to come to having a
 white Christmas! If you squint your eyes it does kinda look like snow!!!
This is part of the TEXAS snow village!!! Look how cute the snow looks on the roof!!
My PINK church!!!  I had to get some pink in there somewhere!
No chopping down of the Christmas tree here!! These babies are store bought!

This is my favorite!!! I made this stockings years ago when I did not have very good sewing skills!! I keep saying that I am going to re-sew them, but I never get around to it!!! Notice the fire-place??? It's never been used! 
Here is our front stair case! I just love the sparkly garland and the feathers!!!
Here in Texas we use a lot of feathers!!!
O.K. Here is the funniest thing!!! Remember the first fire place??? Well this is the second fire place! For heavens sake we live in Texas who needs 2 fire-places?
But, I do like to decorate it, since we never use it!
Hark the Herald Angels sing, glory to the new born KING!!!



Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland Party

Connor's 5th grade celebrated their WINTER WONDERLAND PARTY on Friday!!
Notice I called it winter wonderland because we have to be politically correct and we can not say Christmas!!!(but don't even get me started on that)
This is my PTA position 5th grade celebrations! ( I have done it for Cody and Kyle) so they suckered me into doing it one last time.
The kids all had a blast!!!!
Here is Connor in the middle of the crowd doing the Macarana!(sp)
We have all of the 5th grade classes come to the cafeteria and celebrate as
one big group!!!
This is Connor's way too cool teacher in the black
 Mrs. Kerstetter.
Notice her very cute t-shirt. That's what Connor and I gave her for Christmas. 
It says 5th grade Rocks! Of course all of the teachers want one!!!
Connor doing the bunny-hop!!! You can see on the stage we have a D.J. he is so
awesome and I have used him for the last few years for all of the parties!
He really gets the party going!!!!
This was one of the projects I worked on this week. This is the back drop we used to take class pictures!!! I had to beg Connor to come and take a picture with me! You know how embarrassing I am? HA>>>
Just one glitch with the party...we did not have electricity until about noon and the party stated at 1:15. So we we all getting a little nervous. That's why you see me in my wonderful baseball cap, no dryer, no flat-iron, no fixen' the hair!
p.s. I forgot to tell you that Connor got his cast off last week and he has to wear a splint for 2 weeks...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Anne Made My Day!!!!

I was so excited to see this on my front porch when I got home!!
A few months ago I started blogging with the double-darling Miss Anne.
She suggested that we do a swap! One of my pieces of jewelry for one of her canvases.

Not only did I get this way too cute package she also included some labels for my new business!
How sweet is she????
This is my " FREAKIN" WAY TOO COOL canvas that she made. I just told her I want a big letter H on it and love the colors black and brown and for her to surprise me!!!
Well, she not only surprised me but but it is perfect!!!
The big letter H, blacks, browns, a crown (she nailed that one) and she added a saying 
"family runs deeper that anything else."
Oh, I just love it!!!!
And she even added some bling-bling (a girl after my own heart)

So go check out the way too cool Miss Anne and maybe if you are lucky she can make you one!

Monday, December 15, 2008

The "stupid","bloody", Christmas cards are done!!!

I have finally finished the Christmas cards!!!!
I'm just a little behind this year. I would normally have them mailed by now. But this year, I decided to wait until the most popular day of the year to mail them out! Did you know that today is the #1 day of the year to mail things out????
Here is where the bloody part comes in. I got a really bad paper cut. Can you see my little finger all bloody? I promise I did not compromise any of the cards!
See, I ran quickly to get a band-aid!!! See how painful it looks!!!
Here is were the stupid part comes in. 
This is the first time in a while that I have bought cards and placed my own picture on them. Well, apparently the card people think that we are really stupid, because they have this printed on EVERY card. 
ATTACH PHOTO HERE=because we think you are stupid
HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL = because we think you would put it diagonally 
ACCOMMODATES 4x6= because you might be stupid and use a 8x10.

So after doing about 75 of these, and reading this on 
 I'm feeling kinda SMART,
 because I didn't mess up on any of them!!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'm a WINNER!!!

Look what I won!!!! I am so excited. This is going to go perfect in my house....
The very cool, cute, talented and of course hip Angie at angelicagracedesigns had a giveaway and I won!!! Yea for me! Her very cute and sweet little girl Kenidi picked my name.
Thanks so much girls, I can't wait to put this in my house!!!!


The boyz and I went to a party last night and this is what we came home to!!!!
I guess it is official, "I HAVE TEENAGE KIDS"
Welcome to the wonderful world of teenage pranks!!!!
We got Toilet papered last night!
Actually, I thought it was kinda funny, so I ran out and took pictures.
This is what the mess looked like from our front porch!
These are the cute signs that were left in my Christmas decorations!
Notice the hearts? I'm thinking it was some girls that did this! What do you think?
This was the first thing that got thrown away! It says Obama baby!
In this house we are still McCain fans.
Notice the cute hearts, that's a true girl's work!!

Oh man, I should have turned on the Christmas lights! That would have really made the t.p. sparkle.

The boyz and I cleaned up the mess this morning and the yard is back to normal!!!
Well, until next weekend!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm Back.......

I'm back......
I know I have been a very bad blogger! With everything that has been going on all I can say is that I have been in a funk. You all know that I had my surgery and had the lump removed. So glad that is over. It took me about 3 days to fully get back into the swing of things. I had to wait 2 yes 2 weeks that is 14 long days for the results. Hip hubby and I went last Thursday and the doctor came in and the first words out of his mouth were "it's all good" I am clear, I have nothing and I am good to go........YEA!!! I felt like the wait of the world has been lifted. 
So I have so much to tell you guys.....
I have been working on opening up a store (web site store) It's called are you ready for this
Isn't that so me! I am having the web site built right now so it is under construction. 
IF you are wondering about the painting? This is something that little old me made. I will have others to sale on the site along with all of my sparkly jewels, hats, and I am having a line of t-shirts designs......
I just had to show off my 3 heart canvas. This is my world.....3 hearts for my 3 boyz, crowns cuz they are the crown jewels of my life,  bling because they light up my life and leopard well just cuz mama like her some leopard.

Monday, November 24, 2008

My second award!!!!

I am so jacked..... I just got my second award!!!!
The cute little blogger at lifewith2boyz gave me this awesome award. Thanks so much you know us mom of boyz have to stick together!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Home from the hospital!!!
I made it through the I.V. and I have to say not so bad.
Enjoying the GREAT pain meds.
Thanks so much for everyones prayers and good wishes!
I'm going to bed.
Blog update later!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am counting down the hours and as  you can tell by the title I am

Monday, November 17, 2008

New designs


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just say a little prayer.....

I just love this blogging community. I love how all of you support each other it's just a wonderful thing. I really thought I would not share this with you, but I have decided that this blogging community can really offer some wonderful prayers and support. With that said, I am going to have surgery this Thursday! I have a lump in my breast that needs to be removed. I have known this for weeks/months. Now that the day is getting closer my mind is running wild with thoughts of being scared. I think I will be fine once the doctors give me the I.V. (that I.V. really scares the crap out of me). So all I ask is for you to keep hip mom of boyz in your prayers on Thursday and everything will be o.k. 
Now on that sad note I have decided to decorate my home for Christmas today, what a better way to keep me busy and my mind on happy thoughts.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


What's wrong with this picture?
Besides the fact that they keep using my body as Kelly Rippa's
 body-double! I'm really getting tired of it!! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Here's the break!!! Oh, it just makes my tummy do flips just looking at it. This is the x-ray the the doctor took yesterday.
And this is the x-ray that the doctor took after he re-broke Connor's arm. Yes, he re-broke it so he could put it back in to place...
I really do think that we are going to need some good therapy after going through that.
And here is the way too cool CAMO cast!!!!
Can you see it???(ha, ha get it camo??)
Up close!!!! 
He is so proud of this cast. Of course it has only been 1 day so, let's see if the love is still there after the 6 weeks...

The Anniversary Day continues.....

As the world turns. All my children. Days of our lives.
This is what my day felt like yesterday. I have decided that I could have my own reality t.v. show!
I took Kyle to the doctors yesterday at 2:00. The doc said he thought it could be an appendix attack but we would need to get some tests run to make sure. So he sends us the hospital. (yes the same hospital that I was just at on Saturday with Connor) We wait about an hour ( I have decided that they have no sense of urgency at hospitals) They start an I.V. and take Kyle back to do a cat-scan. The results come back negative. Yea. So I take Kyle home only to have him crying and in pain most of the night. Still don't know what it is. Connor was in pain most of the night after having his arm re-broke by his doctor. So he was jacked-up on Tylenol with codeine. So last night as I was giving him his dose so he could go to bed, I took a swig, and yes I did steal my child's meds. Both Connor and I slept like little babies. 
and if I have to duct-tape my children down to a chair, no one is going to get hurt and I will not be going to any doctors or hospitals, today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!!!!

To Tom and I have been married for 18 years!!!
We decided to have a low key day. I mean really what do we need?
So this is how our low key day has gone so far.....(it's only 1:30)
I take Connor to his doctors appt. Tom has a breakfast meeting. My BFF Isabel knows the ortho doctor so she meets me up there. While we are waiting to be seen I get a call from Kyle, he is in the nurses office. So, I ask to speak to the nurse and she tells me that she thinks Kyle might be having an appendix attach. GREAT!!!! It tell her to keep him in the nurses office and I will get up there as soon as I am done with Connors dr. appt. O.K. so I start to fill out the paper work and my phone rings again, this time it is Cody and he thinks that he has the wrong shoes for basketball try outs today and can I come and get him to get some new shoes,,,,,Are you kidding me? So I call my mom and like the good grammie that she is she picks Cody up from school runs him to the mall and gets him the right shoes (just keep in mind that the kid has every pair if basketball shoes in the world).
And then they call us back for Connors appt. They take a new x-ray and the Dr. comes in and says he is going to have to set the arm,,,,well lets just say that did not go over well with Connor at all. The Dr. tells him he can just do it or he can numb his arm. Connor says No thats o,k, I'm just going to get a cast...o.k. my poor baby, they are going to have to fix your arm....and the crying begins.....First Connor, then me and then Isabel. So we convince him to get the shot. He gets the shot and is still pissed off at the world (which I don't blame him) so we wait a while and the Dr. comes back in and says he is going to check and see if it is numb,,,,,LIAR,,,he pops Connors arm one way and then pops it back in to place....Holy Mother of Pearl,,,,that was awful.....I don't wish that  on anyone. I know he was just doing his job and it was for the best that he just did it and did not give us any warning, but good gravy that hurt Connor......
So all is well now and he has the camo cast.
Tom picked up Kyle and I am taking him to the Dr. at 2:00. I will let  you know about that....

Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Angel with a broken wing....

We almost made it out of the football season with no injuries. I did say almost.
Kyle finished his last football game on Tuesday. Cody finished his last football game on Saturday morning. Connor had his semi-championship game on Saturday at 12:30.
With just seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Connor catches the ball and runs for the touchdown, at the 9 yard line he gets tackled. At first it really did not register with me that it was Connor that was down. I saw all of the coaches run over to him and the stands were very quite. Everyone telling me he is going to be o.k. (you know that thing the us mom's do when a kid is hurt). I see my hubby running back across the field and he is waving for me to come on the field. So I'm still thinking o.k. not too bad.....Wrong! Hubby then shouts "go get your car". I then scream "what? how bad is it?? I just grab my purse and head for the car, leaving my camera and camera bag. My mother-in-law says she will ride with us. We go get the car and I pull up to get Connor.....I wait oh about 30 seconds and then get out of the car and people are telling me he is still  laying down on the field. So at this point I just leave the car and run out on the field and as I am getting closer to him, the coaches have him up and walking to the car with a piece of wood under his arm for support. My sweet friend Barbie (yes, she does kinda look like a barbie-doll) says she is going to drive us to the hospital...Hip hubby is in his car following us. Barbie driving, my mother-in-law in the front and me and Connor in the back and like the good mom that I am I still managed to get the seat belt on him. But forget about me I am on my knees in the middle of the suburban holding him. We make it to the hospital and we get in right away. By this time we have 6 people with us me, Tom, my mom, Barbie, and my in-laws. We go back and they put us in a room. We wait about 15 minutes for x-rays. By the time the x-ray girl comes to get Connor we now have about 15 people in Connors room. Tom and I go with him to the x-rays and YES it is broken......Connor broke is arm right below the wrist.
Would you believe that with 3 boyz all playing sports this is our first broken bone that has to have a cast?
This is the look you get after you hear the doctor say that the orthopedic surgeon might have to manipulate your arm....Oh let's just say that did not go over very well with the patient. 

Yea,,,we're out of here. Look how cute Connor looks with his sling and his football pants. Notice the no shoes!  It was hard to walk on the floor with the cleats on.
Connor and I took a picture of our matching hospital bands....
We go the the ortho doctor tomorrow morning so I will keep you posted.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last of the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.....Sunday

Cody's Surprise Party!!!
Yea,,,I pulled one over on the kid. 
I called some of his friends and asked them to tell the kids that we were having a surprise party for Cody. I was so nervous on Sunday, not really knowing exactly how many kids would show up. We tricked Cody into thinking that we were just going to eat dinner really quick.  Little did he know what we were up to. I am still in shock that I pulled this over on him.
I was so excited to see that about 30 of his close friends showed up to help us celebrate his b-day.
I was so proud of Cody. Here he is working the table making sure that he gets to see and talk to everyone.
Yummy. Only the second birthday cake of the weekend,
The group of friends. He was showered with wonderful gifts and great friends. He is truly blessed to have such a great group of friends.
Happy Birthday Cody!
The End of the celebration.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Celebration......Saturday

Hook em' HORNS....
Cody got to take 2 of his friends to the UT/Oklahoma State game on Saturday. Hip hubby took the boys up for some UT fun and football. Me, Kyle and Connor stayed here and went to our good friends going away party. We did watch the game on t.v. and all I have to say is W.O.W. 
I'm glad that Coach Mac Brown and all of the UT players got my memo to put on a REALLY GOOD game for Cody's b-day....ha,ha.

28 to 24!!!!
Still ranked #1.....hook-em,
and there is still more birthday celebration to come! The next is the best!