Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Pity Party. Wana Join????

Oh, yea I am freaking out.  It has been just one of those days that really anything could  put me over the edge....Now, I'm not at looney (Jill) just having a moment.
So here goes...
It has really just hint me pretty hard today that the oldest of the Hip boyz will be going off to  high school in August. I don't know why, today of all days but, today is the day...
I have been so fine with this, that is until today...What the heck, he was just a baby...and now he is going to be feed  to the sharks. What is a mother suppose to do??? I'm thinking that, I don't like this at all and that having older kids brings on a new world of worries. No more wondering if he is going to fall and hurt himself now just wondering if I have taught him everything so he won't fail or hurt himself?
And to top it off Hip Hubby is going to be gone for 5 days and I hate when he leaves....boo..hoo
Like really hate when he leaves (tears will be flowing tomorrow)
And I have to drive to Waco (by myself) with Kyle for a baseball tournament this weekend.
I am just really stressed-out......
Does anyone want to join my pity party????




If anyone reads this please go over to michellesloosewheel
and wish her a HAPPY BDAY.
It's a BIG ONE for her....

Monday, April 28, 2008

The book and the bunny.....

Who does not like getting packages in the mail????
Well, I do...When hip hubby came in with the mail and I saw not 1 but 2 packages I started to jump up and down...
Even if I did order them for myself, it's still exciting when they arrive.
My first package was from kariandkisja, they have some great ideas that they share.

This is the awesome cookbook that I ordered,,,, I know, you can all stop laughing. I know that I don't cook, but I loved the cover of the book and put it out next to the stove that I don't use and it looks really good....I bought it for decorating purposes, so there.
The second package had this wonderful bunny tassel. I have been wanting one of the nesters tassels for awhile. She listed some a few weeks ago and by the time I saw them they were all gone, so that is when the stalking began. I don't even think the nester had cut the last piece of tassel off  before I was buying my little bunny.. 


The middle of the hip boyz Kyle is officially a teenager. (harsh, I know)
He turned 13 on Sunday. We were out of town and he was suppose to play in a tournament but,
with all of the rain, his age group was one of the ones to get canceled.  He was really bummed.
(notice the cute card, courtesy of onewiredwoman) (gotta love her and all of her talents)

Hip Hubby worked so hard to put Kyle's present together. We ordered it and it just came in today.  And true to fashion, who comes home from school today??? Yes, the birthday boy.
He called about 11 and said his tummy was hurting. What do I start thinking, is he really sick or pulling something? When he said" he still wanted to go out to eat for his birthday", I really started think I got played. So there I was getting ready for a big night out with my boyz and the oldest of the hipz comes in yelling Kyle is getting sick it the sink.  All I could think of was, wow he really was sick. What a good mom I am to know all of the signs...LOL
So, he finally mustarded up enough energy to come and see his last birthday gift.
He was so excited. He as been asking for a punching bag. So after a few hits with his new gloves he made a mad dash back into the house and illness had struck again...
Poor Baby (oops I mean TEENAGER).


Hip mom meets wired woman.
I have been blogging with onewiredwoman and this past weekend we finally got the chance to meet.  Her oldest son Eric and my youngest Connor both have the love for baseball.  The boyz team were signed up at the same tournament this weekend. I have to say meeting Jill was so exciting and she was just like I pictured her. We talked for hours and I feel like I have always known her. We just have so much in common.
Jill was so sweet she even brought me a present. A way to cute bling-bling baseball cap. ( I don't know why she would think I would like a baseball hat  LOL) But, boy does this girl know me.
Not only was she way too cute, she even made this custom tag....
She is so talented..
Here's Connor and Eric after the game. The Devils lost to the Avengers twice this weekend, but I really did not notice, because I was so excited to see Jill. Her son was so cute and so polite. I don't know if you can see the cast on his arm, poor kid didn't even get to play, he was just there to support his team. Wow... was that dedication to the game or what?
I'm so excited we have made plans to meet in Houston on Memorial Day weekend and of course it will be at a ball field.
My New BF =blogging friend.

I got TAGGED......

I got tagged.....(whatever that means) It's my first tag, so if I mess up, you'll have to forgive me..
I'm kinda excited about it..(does that mean I' m a loser).Thanks asparklymessylife
I'm suppose to post the rules;
1. Link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Share 6 unimportant things about yourself.
3. tag 6 people at the end of your post. 

Here are 6 very unimportant things about myself....
1. I am addicted to lip gloss...Not for the vain reason, it's just because I can not stand  when my lips are dry or have nothing on them. I'm fine with a good-old lip balm. If I  was  on survivor this would be my one luxury item. 
2. I am a really bad speller. I have a dictionary right by the computer. Whoever  invented spell check, I love you.
3. I will only buy a white car....This drives my husband crazy. When we do get new  cars he wants me to get a color and he says white is not a color. If white is in the  crayon box, then it is a color. ( It is in the crayon box, right)
4. I love gum.....It's like my little bad habit. But not real bad, I do get the sugar-free.
5. This is for you Michelle. I never untie my shoes when I take then off. I just pop the back of them and slip out, only to have to untie to put them on..crazy I know.
6.  Starbucks Lady knows me by voice..I just have to say I want a Passion Tea...and she can finish the rest of my order....sad, I know....and my order will always be $4.54.
Now, I have to tag 6 people..I really don't if I know 6 blogging friends (If I tag you, I hope you will still like me) 

1. Michellesloosewheel
2. onewiredwoman
3. Allmykids123
4. browneyedfox
5. mamastoeheadboyz
6. Simply Me

Sunday, April 27, 2008

And the Winner is.......

The BLOGGY GIVEAWAY as ended....
Thank you to everyone that left a message.
Kyle and I enjoyed reading everyone.
Kyle wanted to pick the number based on the time he was born
He was born at 5:12 p.m. So he added 5 and 12 and the winner was comment #17.
I will be sending you an email to get your address to mail you the
very hip necklace that you won....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008




Here is what I am giving away. Its a one of a kind HIP CHICK NECKLACE. This necklace has 2 sides. One side says DRAMA and the other side says QUEEN. It has multi-colored beads, so you can wear this with anything.
So Here Are the RULES:
1.I will have the drawing on April 27th (my son's b-day he will be 13)
2. I will contact to winner and mail it to you
3. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT : just leave me a comment "Wishing KYLE a Happy 13th B-day"
    and you will be entered...
Have fun and we can't wait to read everyones comments......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Friday, April 18, 2008


Now you know my dirty little secret. As my mom (always) likes to tell me "I am the most unorganized  organized person she know".  Translation = Only I can make sense out of the mess. I really do know where everything is, it just might take me a while to figure it out. LOL
So, my dear friend Michelle shared this wonderful organizer that she found. She showed up today and I thought we would make our way through most of the house, WRONG. We spent 5 hours in my closet and bathroom. I know what you are thinking that I must be really mess. I promise I am very clean. I decided that it really is better to have someone help you. She made me toss stuff, left and right.  Not to mention that I got the job done. If I would have done this on my own, I would have quit after the first hour, my a.d.d. would have kicked in and I would have been off to something else. But, she put her foot down and we finished...
I have learned something about myself.  I have 4 DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS..
1. I love shoes ( now that's not dirty, that just an obsession, right?)
2. I love hats (baseball caps, I have one in every color)
3. I love tote bags ( I don't know why, something is wrong with me) 
4. I love camo and animal print  ( I know I need help)
At least, I am out of the closet with my dirty little secrets and now I will be able to find everything.
I hope this makes my mom proud of me....


Oh my goodness,,,,can I just say that the only thing that makes a special delivery even better is when they are these way to yummy cupcakes. 
A few weeks ago we had our family pictures taken by the BEST photographer ever. Check Malie out at RELISH photography, she rocks. She sent me an email yesterday saying that she had a delivery for me. Here I am thinking that it is the pictures that I ordered. So when the doorbell rang and I saw the box from Kate's Frosting I was so excited. I have totally forgotten about the pictures. Who needs pictures when you have these awesome cupcakes. I love her web-site it is geared around "sweets" and for her to send cupcakes as a thank you is to cute.
Thank you Malie for the beautiful pictures and the yummy cupcakes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

2nd place ROCKS.....

As many of you can guess, I was at a baseball tournament this weekend..
Kyle's team played in a tournament in New Braunsfels this past weekend.
They did awesome. The ended up in the championship and got 2nd place....
Look at that power behind that swing....
He gets that from his mom  LOL
I have to say by the time the game was over everyone was pretty tired. It finally ended at         10 p.m.  and yes that was a Sunday night...
Heres the Cardinals getting their trophies. Kyle is front row last on the right.
Check out the coach. Coach Vince is the coach for the UIW Cardinals and we are so lucky to have a college coach. 
Now, mama needs a break.....

Saturday, April 12, 2008

cuz it is so cute

Look at this great diaper bag. If you want a chance to win this really way cute diaper bag go and check it out..
I know what you are thinking what do I need with a diaper bag? Well, to tell you the truth, I really don't know. But, I will admit that I have a fetish with bags. It can be a  purse, tote, pool bag,over night bag, make up bag and at one time many years ago a diaper bag fetish. So if I do win and I can not find good use for it, I will give it to my girlfriend Michelle she has a little one that still uses a diaper bag...


I bet you are wondering how I had a day filled with baseballs, bows and twinkle toes??
That question is easily answered: The middle of the hip boyz Kyle had a baseball tournament today and he played great. His team was 1-1.  Kyle was hitting the ball awesome today. It seemed that every time he got up to bat is was bases loaded  and 2 outs. (no pressure at all)
and that explains the baseballs.
Look at these cute TWINKLE TOES. Are these the cutest flip flops or what....
I just love them and with 2 of the hip boyz playing baseball and both going to the World Series I will get a lot of wear out of them.
and that explains the twinkle toes.
Cody carried Avery in from the car. My good friend Michelle and her little girl came out to watch Kyle play baseball. Michelle decided that she need to get her baseball fix.
Avery had a blast hanging out with Cody and playing in the rocks.
and that explains the bows.
                             I'm  pretty excited that the hip mom of all boyz got to use the words BOWS and TWINKLE TOES in the same sentence....


I was going through my camera and I forgot that I took this picture of Connor dressed-up as BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.  I know why I forgot about this picture, its because this was the day of deadly snake visit, and my feathers were ruffled that day. 
Connor had to dress up as Benjamin Franklin which was a task in itself because this kid does not like to dress up for anything. We worked hard all week on his project. He had to have a typed report and he had to memorize a 3-4 min. speech. I was stressed, but Connor  whipped that speech out like it was nothing. I guess that is the difference between a 10 year old brain and a 30-ish year old brain. He looked so cute with the wig and glasses on. He also had props, did you know that Benjamin Franklin invented the harmonica, swim flippers and  bifocals.
This is the cutest Benjamin Franklin I have ever seen.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I was so excited to get my mail today......I got a present.  I have been checking out (or as some may say stalking) this awesome blog that I found browneyedfox (check her out she has a great shop) . She is so cute and she makes some awesome stuff. I had seen a really cute cuff bracelet and I went to order it and she was sold out.....so, that is where the stalking began. As soon as I saw a new one I was the first to order it. I have to say that I am very impressed with her packaging and it mad me feel like I  got a present . To top it off she added a little "thank you"  heart magnet and a thank you card. Really, I'm the one that needs to say thank you for the great bracelet. That was so sweet of her. browneyedfox you rock.....
p.s. I hope she will not mind if I still stalk her store....L.O.L

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


o.k. I have to confess, I cheated today.....
oh, please it's not what you think, but I am still afraid I will get caught.
I went to a new HAIR-DRESSER,,,,I know that was wrong of me, so please don't tell the old one.
I just wanted something new. I was very nervous when I got there and then when the girl called for back up ( a second opinion) I really started to sweat. I mean please, we are talking about my hair, you know the thing that we are really attached to, that drives us crazy everyday and can determine our mood for the day.( good hair = good day, bad hair = leave me the @?%& alone and stop staring at me). At this point I really wanted to get up out of the chair. Instead, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that she came with great referrals. 
Then she brings me papers so show me the color she is going to mix up and the color she will use for the highlights, o.k. I thought you only got paper work when you went to the doctor?
Then she asked me to sign a paper, basically saying that if she messed up I was s.o.l.
So, I signed away and off she went. After 3 hours ( of pure relaxation ,my mom had to pick up all of the hip boyz for me) I was finally done. And I have to say that she did an awesome job.
So, after all of the sweating and being nervous it really paid off....I felt so sassy with my new color and cut. So , I guess if you need to tell my old hair dresser go ahead, because I've already scheduled my next appt. (hopefully this will not be another 3 hours or pure relaxation)

Saturday, April 5, 2008


The Final Four comes to San Antonio. With 3 boyz you know we had to go. On Friday we picked the boyz up early from school so we could go watch the final four teams practice before the big games. Being the hip mom that I am, I let the boyz miss school. I figured this is a great opportunity. And I needed one more sporting event to attend.
It was pretty cool to watch the team practice, and at the end of the practice the teams would put on a slam dunk show. This is UCLA and Cody wants them to win. I want N.C. to win it all...
Connor and his friend Cole had to have their picture taken with the U.C.L.A. cheerleaders. Connor is on the left. I don't know if I should be proud or worried, because Connor said all of the blondes were cute.(He's only 10)( And yes, this made hip hubby very proud)
This is Kyle's crew of friends. Luke, Jake, Kyle, Tyler and Dane.
You can really see how close we were. We ended up with some great seats.
This is the "MONTLY CREW" of boyz we had for the day. Can you imagine being with 11 boyz all "jacked up" on basketball. We really did have a great time. We headed over to NBA HOOP CITY for some more basketball. The kids got to play games and get some free giveaways. They had a BLAST.
P.S. After all day being at the Final Four, we booked it over to Kyle's baseball game. They won 4-1. Just wanted you to know that I still had another sporting event to attend. Girly, Girl is still on a mission to attend every sporting event know to man-kind. LOL


After New York, the group headed over to Washington D.C.
Cody said they saw some amazing sites.
This is one of my favorite pictures. I love this picture.
Of course Cody had to take a picture that said TEXAS...

Cody decided to take a break. After 6 days of going none stop he was tired. What a great place to take a nap, on a park bench!!! You can get arrested in D.C. for sleeping on a park bench(what are you thinking)


I am finally getting around to Cody's trip to New York. He went with some of the kids in his 8th grade class during spring break. Here are some of the pictures that he took. ( I was very proud that he took a lot of pictures)
 He had to stop by and check out Trump Towers.
ESPN store.
NIKE town...
Adidas store...are you starting to see the trend. Yes, people I have all boys and what do we get to see....all of the sporting stores. These are very important stops when you are in the big apple.
Yea,,,,,they did go and see a landmark. The had a blast at the Empire State building. The group got to go on a private tour at night time....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hip Grammie B-Day

Hip Grammie had a Birthday!!!!! We took her out to dinner to celebrate her very special day. I know she does not look like my mom, she looks pretty great for her age ???
Grammie loved her new hip purse..... We saw this in the Instyle Magazine and she loved it.


A Happy Soul......"Sole as in shoe." I've had a rough week and it's only Wednesday. Sometimes in life things happen to make you question people around you. This week has been a real eye-opener on how people treat other people. I will definitely take the blinders off from now on.......O>K> enough about that.....this is what I really wanted to talk about. I LOVE SHOES...I know you probably think you love shoes, too. But I really LOVE SHOES. They never care if you have gained that extra 5 pounds and they will always fit. These are my newest find. I found them at Nordstroms and it was love at first sight. The only problem was they only had 8 1/2 so I still tried them on. They were a little to big, but when the other salesperson said that his customer wanted to try them on if I was not going to get them I was quick to say they were coming home with me. Then, I had my salesgirl order them in a size 8 and of course I had to get the black and the brown ones. She had them shipped to my house to make sure the size was right and then I will return the pair that I left the store with.
So....MAKE MY DAY, the ups delivered the shoes today. So I have decided that a new pair of soles makes for a           HAPPIER SOUL,(when you are having a bad day)
p.s. yes, that is leopard carpet that you see, I have 3 boys and  I was determined to have some kinda of girly room even if it was my closet.
P.S.S.  This is for you mom, now you don't have to look at the snake anymore.