Sunday, September 28, 2008

I've been CREATING some FUN STUFF.....

I've been creating some fun new stuff.
Here is a few of the new hip jewelry...
All of the necklaces on the black cord are only......$20.00.
Check out all of the new stuff on at my etsy store.
Just click on the button to the right and it will take you there.
Have fun shopping!!!!!

Chicks Rule bracelet....This one is hard to part with.

Queen on everything....this has some great charms on it...

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Your the BIG 11.......
Every baseball player needs a new baseball hat on their 11th b-day.
And the phone calls started bright and early this morning.
Hip grammie had to call and wish him Happy B-day..
A little XBOX Live

The big hit was the new rumor phone...
I really tricked him, he had no idea...
Some Birthday Brotherly Love..

And to top it off, a new pair of custom nike shoes....
Yes, that is his name on the back.....
Happy 11th birthday. I hope you have a great day.
Love, Mom, Dad, Cody and Kyle

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

11 YEARS AGO....

It was 11 years ago that hip hubby and I were preparing for our third child. We had family all lined up and ready to meet us at the hospital.  If I remember correctly allmykids123 was watching Cody and Kyle. That morning was crazy! Hip hubby and I arrive at the hospital at 6 a.m. I get checked into a room and get changed! We are so excited and sooooo scared!!
The nurse walks into the room, I'm thinking to hook me up to all of the machines....oh, how wrong I was. She came in and said in this sweet voice, trying to be so nice,,,"I just spoke to you doctor and he had the delivery date wrong! He has you down for tomorrow." I said "WHAT" she said"he wants to talk to you" I say "o.k." Dr. S gets on the phone and tells me " I am so sorry, I put the wrong date on the calendar." " I hate to do this to you, but we will have to deliver the baby tomorrow", I say , through all of the tear "What are you talking about, I have everything ready for today and I am already here" He says "I'm so sorry, but I have surgery today. Tomorrow will be a better day" What was I suppose to say after that?
So hip hubby and I leave the hospital with a crew of nurses, they felt so bad, too. The nurses kept telling me that they would all be there tomorrow and they would be waiting for me...
GREAT.....Now I have to go home and I have the longest day of my life and another night of no sleep. So as  hip hubby answered the 100's of calls and told everybody about the doctors mistake, I slept!!!!
SO, to make a long story short,,,the next day we had a replay of above ( just the going to the hospital, the Dr. was there) except this time when I walked in ALL of the nurses were waiting for me and they had the big, new,totally awesome delivery room waiting just for me and hip hubby......we were treated like like royalty. It really was special...I felt like a princess.....and the Dr. well lets just say, I got what ever I wanted.....most Dr. will just be on call waiting to catch the baby,,,,not Dr. S. He was waiting right outside of the room. He was coming in so much that the nurses wanted him to leave...he was trying to make up for his mistake. I felt like the only mommy in the hospital that day.......

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Shattered Glass

This is one of the perks of living on a golf course. You get to have the crap scared out of you while watching T.V. After running through the house I saw what I had heard. I ran out in out backyard to see who was on hole #7. What to you know, no one was there!
So, I called the golf course and they sent out the marshall. Of course no one would fess-up.
So this is what I am left with a nice big hole in the widow. And wouldn't ya know it, it was one of our large windows in the family room. Why could it have been a smaller window????
I waited for hip hubby to come home and get out the big ladder to check out the damage!
Thank goodness we have double pain windows (which I just found out) and it just broke the outside window. Now, I can sleep tonight knowing that no wild animals can get in the house.
Not the best picture, but trust me the hole is in the bottom left of the window!
Here's the evidence that we found. To bad the golfer was not attached to the ball !!!
All I have to say to the golfer is you must really stink at golfing, cause my house over looks the tee-box. So you really need to get some golf lessons! And since you did not fess-up to pay for the window you broke, you can use that $$$$ to pay for the lessons that you need!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Today ended up being a project day. With all of our plans cancelled due to Ike ( go figure.... after all of the news reports we did not give even one drop of rain). I figured I better get going on my Halloween decorations. Who knows when we will have a free weekend again! I just love this decoration!!! I use the big jar and sticks for other holiday decorations, too. I pretty much do the same thing for Valentines, Easter, and Christmas. All you have to do is decorated like you are decorating a tree. I just add the cob web and add some black birds and spiders. I love the table runner, I found this last year at Pottery Barn and had to have it.
You can see the spiders hanger and the ones in the cob web. Those black birds look so real. The big spider are sooooo scary!!!! Happy Halloween!


So exciting Cody had his second football game of the season. The are 2 and 0!!!
I have to say it is pretty exciting watching your son play for his high school team! We were suppose to play the game on Saturday but with hurricane IKE coming our way they changed it to Friday night.  IKE was headed straight for us up until Thursday, so all the schools rescheduled the games. Connor's game for Saturday got cancelled. But, wouldn't ya know it, late Thursday night IKE decided that he wanted a piece of Houston. So after all that news talk of 100 mph wind and 10-12 inches of rain.....nada, nothing. It is pretty and sunny here. And we have a free weekend (more on that later)
You can see Cody out there in #8. He plays  wide-receiver. It was 3rd down and 8 yards to go and Cody caught a 12 yard pass for a first down.( I had to ask hip hubby all of those exact details) I would have just said they through him the ball and he caught it and the team got 10 more yards.....That's how a girl would say it.
O.M.G. Just way too cute for words....Don't ya just love the black gloves? Those are so he has a better grip on the football....
SO, I always wanted to be the house with the kids yard sign in the yard.....well, now I am.
Yes, this is me with not 1 but 2 yard signs...Love it. I guess they do this in other parts of the country or maybe it's just a TEXAS thing. You know TEXAS loves it's football. The schools sell yard signs for each of the sports that your kids play. I already have the basketball one waiting  in the garage...
I think I'm all that because I have yard signs.......boy the little things that make me happy??
Go figure..
I almost forgot the most important news of the week. Cody got elected as treasure for student council. Yes, our little freshman is making his way through high school just fine. We are so proud of him....Way to go, CODY. I mean Mr. Treasure.....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just a little bling for the football jersey....

Now that I am a official mom of a Freshman football player I get to wear my own football jersey. The mom's all ordered these football jerseys to wear to the games and one of the mom's said she could help bling them up! You know I jumped all over that.
Bling, need you say more.
So I went to her house and got a quick lesson on the proper way to bling the jerseys.
So while I am waiting for the washing machine repair guy this is what I did.

Pretty darn cute! You know us mom of all boyz will bling any and everything we get a chance too! The good thing about this is I know my hip Cody will be able to pick me out in the crowd!
Bling on.......

where is my maytag repair guy??????

If you remember the post I posted a few months ago, I talked about my washing machine. It has been having some bad days and decides that it needs to take a few days off and then he show back up to work. Well on his last laundry room vacation I called the repair man. He show's up, only to have the washing machine working when he gets here so there is nothing he can do to fix it. He gladly charges me the $55.00 service fee...... So last Monday when the machine decided to take another vacation I called the repair man,,,,,he came that day, so thankfully he was able to find something wrong with it....Yea.....and then he springs it on me that he will have to order a part and that will take a week......I say " are you kidding me?" "it case you did not notice I have laundry that is flowing out the laundry room and in to the kitchen" SO he says he will put a rush on it...
So over the weekend I have to drag all of our laundry to my mom's house ( it took up the entire back of my suburban) she says she will do all the laundry for me and can come back and pick it up...Hey this broken washing machine things not to bad....
So after not having a washing machine for 9 favorite repairman is coming today between 12-4......Yea...So this is what will meet him when he shows up and he better have the right part or someone is going to get hurt....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

NieNie Dialolgues

I was watching the Today show this morning and they had a story on a Mom and Dad that were injured in a plane crash. It really caught my attention when they said that the mom as an avid blogger. Her blog site has raised over 100,000 dollars to help with her and her husbands medical care. They were both burned severally in the plane crash. I think this story has touched me so much because it puts a meaning to the blogging. Yes, we chat back and forth with the bloggers that we like and we check out their blogs daily so see if they have up dated it. This blogger Stephanie is a mom of 4 and loved to blog. Now her life has been turned upside down. It brings tears to my eyes to know that the blogging world has rallied around her. This is a wonderful community to be apart of and I encourage you to read her blog and keep her family in your prayers. nieniedialogues


o.k. I have been meaning to share this awesome "score" that I made. 
First let me start by saying that I hate going to stores like Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ max. My mom says that I'm not a digger. She is a digger. I walk into these stores and I just start to sweat. I makes me nervous all of the stuff everywhere. So here I am a grown woman walking behind my mommy stomping my feet cuz, I don't want to shop here. She thinks it's funny, but will never go with me again. So I buy this cute purse. Keep it for a day and decided that I really don't want this purse. So now I have to mustard up the courage to go back to the store and return the purse. I have to all by myself....and the sweating begins. 
I get in line to return the purse and get up to the counter I see this really way cute table behind the counter and think someone has that on hold. I ask the sales girls and she says she is getting ready to put it back on the floor. So I casually ask how much is it? She says $49.00. I think I screamed 'WHAT". SO I take a closer look and see that the top of the table is metal and the design looks like a cross......So I buy it......Yes, little old me buys something at the store that makes me so nervous and I did it with out my mommy there.  
So, I guess I will have a new outlook on these stores> I will for sure be checking out there home goods, but you can forget about the clothes........those racks of clothes make me break out it hives.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Connor's school celebrated Grandparents day yesterday.
My mom and dad came to the celebration.
They got to sit in Connor's class and help him do a project.
Connor with his Grammie and Pops.
a.k.a. the hips mom and dad....
Here is Grammie helping Connor with his project.
I am truly blessed to have such wonderful parents. They really do revolve their lives
around the hip boyz. They are always there to support everything they do.      
 We are so lucky that they live about 10 min away and get to enjoy being such big parts of our lives. 
The hip boyz are so lucky to have such a wonderful set of "GRAND"-parents.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Hip Chick gets "Funky and Chunky"

Been wondering where I have been? Well, after the shock of having a high schooler wore off, I got busy. I don't know if I have shared with your or not but about 12 years ago (boy time flies) I had a very booming jewelry business. I love making jewelry and being creative. At the time I had a 2 and one year old. When I found out I was going to have hip kid # 3, that when I decided that my business need to go on the back burner and I needed to play mommy. Well, that back burner stayed lit longer than I thought. Having 3 boys takes all of my time and I love it. So after thinking about it I decided to start up again. This time on a much smaller scale.  So here are few of my favorite pieces..... I  hope you like them as much as I do. I have already been approached by 2 boutiques to carry my line of jewels. I have not decided what I am going to do just yet. I'm just honored that they want me....
So here is a sneak peak. I just listed everything on etsy and you can get to it by clicking on the button at the top right of this page. I really think you are going to  love how funky and hip they are and you are going to be shocked at the wonderful prices...