Sunday, March 20, 2016

                                       THESE ARE THE HIP BOYZ!!!!

I know, I'm asking myself the same questions. Where did my little boys go??? Well I guess all those trips to the grocery store ($300+ a week) and the trips to Costco ($$$$ and I walk out of there with 48 rolls of TP, 18 boxes of kleenex, 800 trash bags and a ice-chest we didn't know because you walk out of there with extra stuff too)  THEY GREW UP!!! (sniff, sniff....hold on Im going to go grab a box of those kleenexes from Costco)

Here is a quick update:

Cody is now 22 (I know I look great for having a 22 year old....haha) The hip hubby and I couldn't be more proud of him. Cody is a senior at Baylor University!!!! Sic Em BEARS he will graduate this May with a business finance degree and start a great job that he has lined up! I am super excited because he will be moving home for a few months before he moves into his own apartment.

Kyle is almost 21. He is a junior at TEXAS TECH!!! GET YOUR GUNS UP!!! WRECK EM !!!!
OK so now that I have my school spirit out, Kyle is getting a degree in Business Finance and be plays football for TECH #53. So if your watching college football cheer on #53! We are truly blessed that we get to watch this kid grow everyday (more on that later)

Connor (sniff sniff thank god I bought that 18 box of kleenex because I have been crying for the past year) He is a SENIOR in high school and will graduate in 2 months! I have really upped the Xanex this year. We are so proud of Connor he will be attending TEXAS TECH!!!! with his brother Kyle! Connor will be playing baseball for TECH and we can't wait to watch him play! He has had an amazing time in high school both academically and in sports!

I CANT WAIT to share some of the exciting things that are happening in our lives and also share some amazing memories and blessings.


I'm BACK!!!!!

As I looked back at my blog that I started so long ago and asked myself why I stopped blogging.
Two answers came to me, 1) LIFE- my life was crazy busy with the boys and the lack of time got in the way of my blogging. I also got very sad as I looked back at my blog because it was about me documenting my life. I thought of all the things that have happened over the years that I wish I had posted about. Once I blog about something its so awesome to go back and read about it, its like a scrapbook for life (without all the cute paper, stickers, die-cuts......)
2) PEOPLE- somehow I became sensitive about what people were commenting. I think it is easy to sit at your computer and write mean, nasty, rude and uncalled for comments. I remember one lady tearing me a new one because I put the "cent" in the wrong spot. 


I have learned that life is way too short  (and I will explain that at a later date) I will write what I want to write about, I will talk way too much about my boys, I will gush way to much about my husband, I will be annoying talking about my life and I will talk about whatever the heck I want to talk about. (and along the way I'm sure i will have bad grammar, spell a word wrong and put the "cents" make in the wrong spot, but if someone needs to make themselves feel better by criticizing me, bring it!!!!

Im going talk about life and that means everything!!!!!