Wednesday, October 27, 2010


need I say more???

TCU or bust.... we come!!!
Cody and I made our first college visit this past weekend.
First stop....TCU
What a great school and beautiful campus.
We spent Saturday driving around looking at everything.
In the afternoon Cody headed to some tailgating parties and off to the TCU vs. NAVY football game.
Sunday morning woke up and visited the school book store for the 3rd time. Then we headed to our scheduled tour. What a great tour. We got to see some of the new buildings, the library, cafeteria, finance building, church and the most important of them all .....the inside of a dorm.
I would say it was a great visit.
Now, were off to the next college stop, TEXAS A & M.....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Finley loves his cigar

This dog as more personality than some people!!!!
He walks around like he owns the place and he looks like a little old man.
We gave him a new chew stick and this is how he walked around the house...
It looks like he's got a cigar in his mouth....
He kept it in is mouth all day and had it to the side , like he was smoking...
This is one funny pup.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 13th Birthday....Connor

Happy 13th Birthday Connor.
I can't believe that my baby is 13.
Now I have have house with 3 teenage boys.

We had this bat made for Connor when we went to Cooperstown this summer.
Dinner at Benehannas....yummy

Love the cookie cake??? This is my boy that does not like CAKE???

Happy Birthday Connor.
We were so blesses when you came into our lives.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Theres a new teenage driver in the house....

Dear Lord,
Please give me the strength to deal with another teenage diver in the house. Please help lower the cost on insurance for teenage boy drivers. Please give me a steering wheel and break on the passenger side of the vehicle.
P.S. most important, please watch over my baby while he is driving.