Friday, May 30, 2008


I had a bad mommy moment this morning. (try saying that 3 times really fast)
I hate when I go to the grocery store (like I did yesterday) and I forget a major item like BREAD.
SO, this morning as I am playing short order cook for breakfast and making 3 lunches I see what is going to be a major problem. The loaf of bread is almost gone , so when I reach in to get the bread for sandwiches, there is only 5 pieces and 2 end pieces.....Oh, Crap. This mean someone will have to have one good piece and 1 end piece (the butt of the bread) All I could think about is Edie Murphy's comedy act where he talks about how poor they were growing up and his mom never took them to McD's , she always made them homemade hamburgers using the sandwich bread and she would even use the butt of the bread. Then he goes on to tell how all the kids use to make fun of him.....Great!!!! Now what I'm I going to do. Well, I thought about just being the cool mom and taking them lunch today, but I have a hair appt at 11 and I need to get the roots done (if you know what I mean) SO, I had to pick a kid that was going to get a sandwich with the butt of the bread....How do you do that, you ask????
Here's how I rationalized it..................Who would be the least mad at me?
Connor- he would be so mad and tell me that his life is over because he had the worst sandwich ever and he did not eat lunch and his day was ruin. (DRAMA)
Cody- would come home from school and would give me the cold shoulder all day. (DRAMA)
Kyle- he would come home and say "hey, did you know you made the sandwich with the end of the bread?" I say "oh, no, I did? I'm so sorry." he will say "that's o.k. mom, I still ate it"
and plus he is having a friend come home with him after school, so really, how mad can he get in front of his friend....
So, today Kyle you are the chosen one....cuz, you can handle the butt of the bread better than anyone else. Plus mommy will make it up to you this weekend, we will eat where you want to eat. Mommy love's all her boyz.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I know what you are thinking....she has another post about baseball.
Well, this is my life on the weekends. Ever once in awhile I do get in some basketball (thanks Cody) We spent our Memorial Day weekend in Houston. It was fun and really hot. I got to watch some great baseball and see my friend Jill onewiredwoman.
Connor's team played Eric's team. I just love this picture of Connor on first base and Eric was playing first. I just love the way the boys hang out before the game, they talked, laughed and had a good time. And then it was time to play each other and off they went. Like no big deal.
Connor is stealing 2nd base. I know this little boys wants to tag Connor out, but I think the ball needs to be in your glove....ha,ha.



Monday, May 26, 2008

Bush Bulldog Pride Award

This past week Kyle got a big award. He was awarded the 
This is a award that the teachers give out to students. Teachers nominate the kids for
good grades, good behavior and improving throughout the year.
Kyle was very excited to receive this award.
Kyle receiving his award from the principal.

Kyle shows off his big award. We are so proud of you.
Way to go, Kyle.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is what happens when you win Mr. Weight Lifter 2008.
Your on magazine covers and everyone wants your autograph....

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Mr. Weight Lifter 2008

Last night Cody's school held their 2008 Athletic Awards Banquet.
All the athletics got participation awards. They also gave out of few individual sports awards.
Cody's coach had called us about a week ago to let us know that he was going to receive one of these awards. It was so hard not to tell Cody about the award, but the coach asked us to keep it a secret so he would be surprised. That was a really hard secret to keep.
Cody was awarded Mr. Weight Lifter (light-weight) 2008.
He was shocked and excited.
Even Cody's private basketball coach T.J. came to watch him get the award.
T.J. looks pretty sharp. I don't think I have ever seen him when he is not wearing basketball clothes. 
What a proud moment.
Cody, we are all so very proud of you. I know you work very hard at everything you do and it is so wonderful to get recognized. This just shows that hard work does pay off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Cody had a basketball tournament this weekend. And yes, it was here in town and I was so excited. Hip hubby had to travel to Houston to Kyle's baseball tournament.
Cody on the free throw line....and yes he made it...
I know the picture is fuzzy, but I liked this one.
Cody taken the shot...This was a 3 pointer.  This was a hard tournament cuz 1/2 of Cody's team
was not there. Cody ended up playing really well. Of course, there's always that one cocky team that thinks they are all that and a bag of chips, all the way from the coaches to the player to the parents. Just a really mouth, cocky team. Lets just say that one of their parents got tossed from the game and 3 of their players got ejected from the entire tournament. Well, all I have to say is Cody you might not have one this game, but you are going to win the battle. I'm proud to say I have raised a young man that knows how to respect himself and others. 


Connor got to participate in 4th grade track meet. He was so excited.
They tried out at school during P.E. Connor had the fastest time for a 4th grader.
Here he is stretching before the race.
Still stretching.... I guess the track runner Cody told him to do that. Or he thinks it looks cool.
There's Connor in lane 2. He is running the 400 relay and he is the last leg..
I know you are wondering where are the pictures of him running.....well that would be, because after he lined up and his mom turned the camera off, so while he was running I could not get the camera to focus, well it will focus if YOU TURN THE STUPID CAMERA ON. So that was another one of my proud camera moments. Genius, I know....
So, here he is showing off his 1st place ribbon.


Yes, it is what you think....
Ever year Connor's school has a spring fling and this year they decided to have the Snake Guy there. So I am walking around with Isabel and her youngest daughter Callyn and when Callyn saw the snakes she walked right up to the like they we little puppy dogs. She squatted down to get a closer look and just started petting them....(and she is a real girlie, girl.) I was a little freaked out, because you know my history with snakes, but then I was kinda proud of the little squirt. Broken arm and all she is one tough chick...
The snake guy really got a kick out of such a little girl so into the snakes. He wanted to wrap the big scary yellow one around her and she just stood there.
Now to the reason why we go to the spring fling every year. We needed that jar of starburst. These kids act like they have never had candy in their lives. Connor and his friend Cole, were mad at me because Isabel told me how many starburst were in the jar and they wanted me to tell them....Now that would be cheating.  Now, just for the record if those were chocolate's in the jar,  I would be glad to tell you boyz that there are 2,920 in the jar.
Connor playing golf.
Connor and Cole played musical numbers just so Carys could win.
And she did. You boys are so good.

Girls Night Out....

Girls night out....
Friday night I met about 20 girls for a girls night out. (Now, This was after I went to a track meet, so I don't want anyone to think I did not have a sporting event on a Friday night)
We had a blast, we met at Rio Mambo's and the drinks were a flowing all night long. This was a get together for everyone to meet that is going on our girls trip in June. We are all going to Mexico for 4 days, so it was kinda like a lets get the pre-party started. These are my best buds,
my bff Isabel and bff Michelle. We have decided that we are going to be the light weights of the group, cuz after 2 margaritas I had reached my limit. ( not a really big drinker)(Just a baby drinker). I'm really excited that I will get to hang with Isabel and Michelle for 4 days. I just hope I am not too tired, cuz I am going to Hawaii for 9 days, coming home for 2 days and leaving for this wild girls trip.....I know, I don't fell sorry for me either.. LOL

Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Are these boyz cute or what......

Monday, May 12, 2008


Another milestone in Cody's life.
He had his first semi-formal dance this weekend. I was so excited about it, he was so cool about it. So, when he asked if a group of kids could come over to the house before the dance to take pictures, you know I jumped all over that. Of course I was warned not to ask any questions, not to say anything and please don't embarrassed  him. O.K. I said it with my fingers crossed behind my back...not really I was on my best behavior. I just had a understanding with Cody that he would give me all of the details after he got home and he did it typically boy fashion, it took about 20 seconds. This is the joy of having all boyz, you never get any information.
This is the crew that showed up. Cody is in the middle with the red tie on...He looked so handsome...These girls that came over were all so sweet and they look so beautiful. They also had on some high heels....
The boyz.
 Logan, Cody, Connor and David.
They look like the Verizon cell phone know the one with the cell phone bars.
My handsome Cody...
Cody and Julie. 
 I know what you are thinking but they are just really good friends. I just love the fact that the kids all wanted to go as a group. Cody said they had a great time. He said he even danced,,,yea!!  After a fun dance a group of about 35 kids went to Chili's for a late dinner (poor waiters) Hip Hubby waited for him in the parking lot, so he could have some freedom.
As soon as Cody got home, I started with my FBI questioning (that's what the boyz call it) that's when I was blessed with the 20 seconds of info...I guess I will have to call one of the girls.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

Enjoy wearing your crown for the day...

Friday, May 9, 2008


Me and the Hip Hubby.
Can I just say I love this man. We have been married for 18 years and been together for 20. 
Wow, that is more that 1/2 of my life. Well, I guess that must mean we are doing something right. The first time I met him I knew he was a great guy. He ALWAYS puts me and the boyz first. I have so many of my friends tell me how lucky I am. And you know they are right. 
He is such a GREAT husband and an AWESOME dad and that equals one sexy guy.
He is so wonderful to his boyz. I can say that he did not have the best childhood growing up, but you would never know it. It has given everything to this boyz. Not material things, but his whole heart and all of his time.  He always has family first.
That is why I love this picture so much. I know you won't believe this, but this picture was taken when we were just messing around. We weren't even posing.
That's what makes this picture so beautiful.
This captures everything to me....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The boyz just LOVE their Hip DADDY..
I am so jacked-up. I know I posted a month ago that we got our family pictures taken.
Well,  they have arrived. I am so excited about them. Not only did  we have the best photographer ever, the boyz loved her. Thanks so much to Maile at relish, you rock..
I just love this picture...It shows each of the boyz personalities..
Cody has the serious look on his face ( he's to cool for funny poses)
Kyle is the crazy one in the family.(.always keeping us on our toes.)
Connor is just funny and so sweet..(and the baby)


My friend Tangee is hosting a pinkalicious swap.
Check her out at asparklymessylife.
This one is going to be so much fun... I love the pink cowboy hat with the tiara on it (this was her inspiration) And you know being a mom of all boyz anytime I can do anything with PINK I am all over that. So head over to her blog and sign up, it's going to be so PINKALICIOUS.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Let's get ready to RUMBLE

Girly, girl goes wild....
This is what I asked for for mother's day? What the heck is wrong with me? Oh, yea I am the mom of all boyz....
I have been working out with a trainer 3 days a week and we just started doing kick boxing. I have to say, I love it.  So I got my very own boxing gloves. Let's just say I like to hit really hard. It's great to get out all of your frustration. The boyz are getting a kick out of mommy and all of her boxing moves that I have learned.  I was showing the boyz and hubby some of the moves and I accidentally hit hubby in the hand and hurt his thumb, lets just say he was not real happy.
I felt bad.....( for about a minute, and then I just felt like I could kick some butt.)
I am really hoping I get another present for mothers day, cuz if I don't, oh you know the boxing gloves are on and someone will get hurt....( I'm not joking) L.O.L

Sounds a Little Fishy....

Is this what every 13 year old orders? Or just my kid..
We went out to dinner last night and the middle hip Kyle orders this beautiful appetizer. 
I say beautiful because it really was pretty to look at, but to eat....
Kyle is my kid that loves to eat anything.  He orders raw sushi and it had fish eggs on it...
The kid devoured the entire thing. I don't know where he got his weird taste buds from, but it wasn't me. For dinner he ordered, raw oyster on the 1/2 shell and crab legs.  That I can handle. All I could think of was his little tummy with all of those fish eggs, yuck...
And to top it off, a little chocolate cake and ice-cream. 
O.K. I have to say this was the best chocolate cake and ice-cream I have every had. I could have just ordered this for my meal and been very happy...
Next time, mommy will order wine with chocolate cake and ice-cream and Kyle can order his fish eggs........

Thursday, May 1, 2008


o.k. I said I would never have a post without a picture and here I am writing my 2nd one....

I can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.
Not really....Hip hubby brings home the bacon, I just buy it. Fry it in a pan who has time for that, thank you microwave..If you have not guessed by now it is TAKS time here in TEXAS and my kids have it all week. So for breakfast the the orders have changed. The short order cook is on duty every morning at 6:30 a.m.
I've already made waffles, scrambled eggs, fried bacon (o.k. I used the microwave), made biscuits, pored the milk and they wanted fresh squeezed O.J. ( get real kids, I'm no Martha Stewart and neither is she. I'd like to see her do everything she says she does without her staff of 50 people.)
Gone this week are the pop-tarts, bowls of cereal and frozen waffles, thank goodness this is only for a week.  Not to mention that we still have to make the lunches. 3 sandwiches, 1 with just peanut-butter, 1 with peanut-butter and grape jelly, 1 with turkey and mustard, all with grapes and then throw in the different flavors of chips, bottles of water and all the other stuff and you better not get them mixed up or the kids day is reunion and you will never here the end of it. All this before 7 a.m. 
And I am still waiting for the Mother of the Year Award....Where is it???