Friday, February 29, 2008


Birthday Celebration begins......
I am so lucky......My very B.F.F. Isabel took me to dinner tonight to celebrate my B-day. We had a blast. It was fun to have just a girls night out. It seems we are always with the hubbies or the kids, so it was nice just to have girl talk. I am so blessed to have someone like Isabel in my life. She is a wonderful person, mother and friend. She took me to Kirby's steakhouse for dinner and drinks (chocolate martinis ). Dinner was wonderful, the funny thing is the three times we have been there we always get the same table. Tonight was no different. The weird thing is the waiter new who we were and remembered what drinks we liked.( I think we might need to find a new restaurant.) 
If the appetizers, salad, steak and grilled veggies weren't enough, she surprised me with this wonderful cake. Look how cute the chocolate is on top it says "Happy Birthday" . I was a good girl and only had 2 bites. I brought the rest home for the boyz. What a wonderful start to a great Birthday. Thanks for such a great evening. You are the best.


Yea, for me..... I get to have my little girl fix.  My dear friend Michelle (michellesloosewheel)
(check her out) needed someone to watch Avery for the day. Well, little did she know that she was doing me the favor... To have a little girl for the day and to get to spoil her. Avery and I started our day with some shopping and I must say she is a great shopper. F.Y.I. my boyz hate to shop. Avery was so excited when we went to build a bear.
       Of course Miss Avery could go wild...she was with me...So off she goes and picks out the
                PINK POODLE...I did not even have to tell her to pick something PINK.......
                         She took her job very seriously,,,she fluffed and fluffed and fluffed.

                                       You said I could get anything I wanted.....
Of course we had to have to poodle skirt and the tiara with the pink feathers.
Little does Avery know that I really had more fun than she did. I love my boyz with all of my heart and I think every mom of boyz needs to have a little girl fun day filled with PINK.
I do have to say the best part was trying to give her back to Michelle. Avery cried because she wanted to stay with me and that was all the thanks I will every need. Hopefully Michelle will need someone to spoil Avery real soon.....

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valentines Day Party

I just love planning school parties. I hate to say this is my last Valentines day party. Connor is the youngest and once he is in 5th grade next year they have a big group party for all of the 5th grade classes. So this one had to be great. I organized to all of the kids to make a Valentines day scrapbook. They added their cards to the pages and decorated the outside with fun foam and stickers. I love the fact that Connor is willing to do crafty projects (only at school and if all of his friends are doing it).
                                   Connor adding his Valentines cards to his scrapbook.
Connor with his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Frost.  I have to say we are very lucky to have her, she is wonderful with the kids. Also, Mrs. Frost won teacher of the year this year. 
Notice Connors shirt( maybe it's not a good idea to wear that in a picture with your teacher.)
                                      The kids all enjoyed decorating cookies...yummy
                                                               The finished project.

Valentines Day

Yes, I know Valentines Day is over. But I had to share this crafty project. I love Valentines day and having 3 boyz, it's the only time I can get away with using pink throughout the house.  I love this center piece and it is so easy. All it is, is sticks with different hearts that I have collect through the years and some Valentines ornaments. This year I add the pink feather around the bottom and then some cute signs that say " be mine" and LOVE. The great thing is you can do this for almost every holiday. I've already got the Easter one under way.


You mission should you choose to accept:: T.P. one of mommy's friends who was having a very special B-day (age: top secret) Cody, Connor, Ben (Connor's b.f) and mommy accepted. 
Daddy wanted to stay at home just in case we need to make our one phone call.....(he said he would bail us out of jail)
Cody in action......
Connor was excited that the security guard did not catch us. We were hiding on the side of the house.
What a pro: T.P. in hand, trashing my friends yard(hope I can still call her a friend), and he had time to stop for a picture.
We are amateurs but we learned one lesson: go with the 2 ply, the cheap stuff is really hard to toss in the air and it tears easily.

One HIP Grammie

Connor had a very special day at school. They got to have a grandparent come and spend some time in the classroom and do a special project. Connor loves his gramme and she loves the boyz.  Grammie is there for every activity or sporting event the boyz have. 


Kyle was so excited that he got a lead role in his schools play " A Princess's Knight" he practiced his lines until he knew them backwards and forwards. We were so proud of him, it felt like we were at a Broadway play. I do have to say it was pretty cute.

Watch out Brad Pitt you have some tough competition. 


A few weeks ago we went to the San Antonio Rodeo with  some of our friends.  We had a blast.

Here we are after the show with our friends Jake and Roxanne, they are such a blast to hang out with.
Kyle and Connor are here with Connor's friends Hunter and Blake. They are all so excited they got some of the fake money that BIG & RICH tossed out to the crowd. Then BIG broke his guitar and Kyle got some  pieces of it. ( I don't know what we will do with that) But, he was very excited.

My Everything

I just got my blog and I am so excited.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my boyz and our crazy life.
I wanted this to be the first picture I posted. I love this picture of the boyz. We went to Disney World this past Thanksgiving and I took this picture at our resort The Grand Floridian. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Test Post

Testing new layout :)