Thursday, October 30, 2008

Birthday Celebration......Saturday

Hook em' HORNS....
Cody got to take 2 of his friends to the UT/Oklahoma State game on Saturday. Hip hubby took the boys up for some UT fun and football. Me, Kyle and Connor stayed here and went to our good friends going away party. We did watch the game on t.v. and all I have to say is W.O.W. 
I'm glad that Coach Mac Brown and all of the UT players got my memo to put on a REALLY GOOD game for Cody's b-day....ha,ha.

28 to 24!!!!
Still ranked #1.....hook-em,
and there is still more birthday celebration to come! The next is the best!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Cake

We have the best cake shop in our neighborhood. I just love their cakes. So when anyone has a b-day this is the cake they are getting.
Of course I had to get Cody a longhorn cake!!

15, yes that is  15 Candles.....
Happy Birthday Cody....
more celebration later, got to run to a Monday night football game..

Birthday CELEBRATION.....Friday Night!

We celebrated Cody's 15th birthday with my parents Friday night.
Cody got lots of cool stuff.
Every baller needs the official NBA basketball.
I knew I scored when I saw the look on Cody's face. He was so excited to get the new i-touch phone.

Now this is pure joy and excitement!!!! Can you tell Kyle was soooo happy that it was Cody's b-day. What brotherly love....

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I will have pictures to post later.
Right now I am running out the door to 4 football games!
Yes, thats right 4 games.
Cody plays first.
Then I haul butt over to Connor's game.
Then the boys are driving to Austin to the UT game.
And last we have our high school game tonight against our rivals.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Today was a fun day. Filled with family,friends and shopping. My 3 favorite things. I met my mom and my bff Isabel at Market Ole' it is put on by the Junior League. They had tons of vendors, great mamosisa and awesome stuff! I go every year with my mom and we shop til ya drop. So I thought I would share some of the cool stuff I got, because when hip hubby gets the bill I may no longer be around, ha, ha. I got this cool note cards with the heart and cross on them. Don't you just love the live out loud canvas sign?
O.K. way to cute..and I know what you are thinking, why did she buy that when she can make it? Well, cuz I loved it and I will totally copy it. And check out the cute live out loud t-shirt...
My kids rock necklace I loved this one too.....
and check out the cute peace t-shirt behind it.
Here is a picture of all of the fun stuff I got. If you look closely you can see the cute leopard fur box with the crown clasp. You know me, shoes and animal print, I could not help myself, these are the cutest clogs ever. I just fell in love with the bottle with the cross top, so so pretty. 
I've decided that I must have a problem because shopping makes me sooooooooooo happy!!! How about you?????

Carnations and Football the perfect day....

Kyle had his football game on Tuesday and they got to run through this awesome banner that some of the moms made. The football was so special because the boys gave each of their moms a carnations to let us know how much they appreciate us!!!!
Here's Kyle giving me this very special carnation. It was so cute because the white team gave their moms white carnations and the maroon team gave their moms maroon carnations...
Here's Kyle walking up to me with his carnation.
(for some reason my pictures came up out of order and I don't know how to fix that)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My FIRST Blogging AWARD!!!!

I'm so excited!!! I just received my FIRST blog award!
I got it from the cute Anne at sassafrasanne
The rules are to list 6 things I value and 6 things I can live without and to pass it along, so here goes.
6 things I value
1. family
2. god
3. being the mom to all boyz
4. friends
5. chocolate
6. diet sprite

6 things I can live without
1. Liars
2. spinach
3. cooking
4. laundry
5. jealous people
6. toe nails (gross)

I pass on this award to:
Jill at onewiredwoman (funny)
Lanny at simplylanny (so sweet)
Angie at angelicagracedesigns (when I grow up I want to be her)
Tina It'sallaboutt (crazy chick)
Lauren at thedailydownlow (my sweet sister-in-law)
Rachel at livinandloving (my new blog friend)

Monday, October 20, 2008


What do you think!!!!
I had a crafty day today and this is what I made.
I'm pretty impressed with myself ( but I did not show you the picture of the blister on my finger, just the price you pay for being crafty)

That's it I'm OUT OF HERE

I walk out of the house into the garage and this is what I walk over. So, I run back into the house and scream like a little girl. Thank goodness hubby had stopped by to make some phone calls. He runs out and grabs the shovel and kills the snake (sorry all of you animal lover). So that's it...I'm out of here. Seriously I am packing my bags and moving to another house. If you have followed me then you know that this is the 4th snake in the same spot in 6 months. I'm telling you I think I have a snake convention going on in our back yard or maybe it's because we back up to the golf course. I don't know but I am freakin' out. I told hip hubby that we need to move before one of us gets eaten alive by a snake.....he did not think that was too funny. I told him I'm serious....I'm out of here....

Baseball Sunday

This weekend Connor had a football game Saturday morning and a baseball tournament in Austin. My mom and dad took Connor to Austin for his Saturday night games and they spent the night up there so that hubby and I could stay home and do the homecoming thing with Cody. Connor was excited to go with them because he knows that grammie and springer (they call my dad springer cuz they say he looks like Jerry Springer and the funny thing is, besides the fact that he does look like him, is his name is Jerry) will totally spoil him and he can get whatever he wants and they will take him wherever he wants to eat (soiled rotten)
Tom and I drove up Sunday for the second game. We just could not make the 8 a.m. game after getting no sleep the night before. Connor got to pitch this game and he did great.
I know crazy picture. I saw angelicagracedesigns take a picture of her sons shoes and I loved it. I just love the way that Connor turns his foot every time he bats....

The Stealers ended up not making it to the championship game, but we'll get em' next time.


Kyle got to play football at the high school stadium this week.
It was so exciting to see him play on a turf field and to sit in the big stands !!
It felt like we were at a high school game instead of a middle school game.

Kyle got the ball thrown to him in the end zone for 2 extra points. The ball was thrown a little high and he was unable to catch the ball. But it was a great try.
Redemption!!!!! Kyle was thrown the ball and he had a one handed catch. It was beautiful. 
We are so proud of him.
That's Kyle on the ground, holding on to the ball. 

New Queen

Looky at the new pretties.....
Check it out at my etsy.
Hip Chick Designs

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kyle's posse

Tonight when I came home from pictures for homecoming this is what I found, Kyle and his posse (Case, Kyle, Luke, Jake, Tyler and Dane) were cruzin' the hood in the golf cart. They thought it would be fun to ding-dong ditch people. (ring the doorbell and run off) Sounds like fun to me just don't get caught by the security guards!


Tonight was Cody's first Homecoming! We were all so excited.
Here is Cody getting his tie adjusted by his dad.
Let's just say that someone with long fingernails finally got the tie right! Hip hubby was not to happy about that considering he wears a tie 1/2 of the time..
Doesn't Cody look so handsome? I can't believe that my baby is in high school going to his first homecoming! IT JUST BREAKS MY HEART !
Look how pretty Amanda looks.  Are they are going to be the hottest couple at the dance or what?
 OH, WAIT....that's me! I guess Cody is not going to take me after all. Fine I'll remember that JK.....LOL!!!!
I know I can totally pass for 15.........right? I said "right'?
O.k. back to reality...
Look at my two handsome boyz.....
Love the pink tie.....
You know that "REAL MEN WEAR PINK"
I had to take pictures of the pretty corsage.....
And the wait is over........ta,da.
Here she is Amanda.
 Oh, she was so cute and so sweet.
They both looked so darling.....
This was to cutest thing. None of the girls knew how to put on the boys flowers.
Cody giving Amanda her corsage. This is the first corsage he has ever given. Way to cute..
This melted my heart....

Cody and his bud Scottie...
They look like grown men.

Cody with is very good friend Julie (in green ) and Courtney(in blue)
All the handsome boyz. Cody is the first one...
Here is the group of kids that went together.

Typical men (boyz) while everyone was getting a snack 
they were catching up on the UT football game.
Off they go......
I love this picture of Cody with his posse of girls in the back. They all wanted hip hubby to drive them in the hummer.  Hubby drove the kids to the restaurant. I followed them and hip hubby and I had dinner at another restaurant. I did not want to be seen with all of those kids! How embarrassing! (oh, yea that's what Cody told ME) J.K.
We ate and waited for them to call for the Hummer to pick them up. Hip hubby took them to the dance and I rushed over the Walgreens to have the pictures developed. One of the other parents is picking them up and taking them to a after party.(oh my goodness) Cody said that the after party is until 3 a.m. I told him to think again, cuz his after party was over at 1 p.m. 
You know that I'll be waiting up to hear all of the details. Of course Cody will not tell me anything I will have to call one of the girls to get all the details.....That's the price you pay when you have get NO good juicy gossipy or details..