Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Reagan Homecoming 2010
KYLE AND CODY looking so handsome.
Kyle's a sophomore and Cody is a junior at Reagan H.S.
Cody and Morgan.
Cody went to homecoming with his girlfriend Morgan.
They had pictures at the Van De Walle house after that they
went to eat dinner at Paesanos then they headed to the dance.
After the dance Cody's group of 30 kids came to our house for the after party.
We had kids at our house until 3 a.m....
So glad that is over, I need some sleep!!!
Kyle went with Nicki to homecoming.
Kyle's group meet at the York's home to take pictures.
After pictures a party bus pick up his group and they went to dinner at
the Spaghetti Warehouse and then to the dance.
Kyle said he had a awesome time at the dance.
After the dance Kyle and his group went to the Dawson's, where they pulled an all nighter playing poker until 8 a.m.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kyle #63

Kyle had his first JV football game...after coming back from a broken thumb.
#63 had a great game, playing center.
The Reagan rattlers played Alamo heights and played their hearts out.
They came up short and lost to the Mules....

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Connor played in his first middle school football game!!!
We had to start our first game off with a run through banner!!
(which I made) for my first one I think it turned out pretty good and the
most important thing is the boys got a kick out of it.
Is he not the most handsome football player ever...
and he rocked that #5...
<<<#5 never looked so good>>>
He played receiver, quarterback, safety and cornerback
Not that I'm bias or anything but I'd say he rocked that football field!!!
Connor in action!!!!
He did make the first tackle of the game!!
Connor getting the plays!!!
He had is family, grammie, pops and friends there to cheer him on the VICTORY!!!
The Panthers won 36-22....I'd say they put a spanking on that team....

Monday, September 13, 2010


I took Cody and his friends Connor and Logan to the UT football game.
I was so excited to go since we only have 4 season tickets and with 3 boys hip mom is the first one left out....so when they needed me to take them I jumped on that.
We had a blast. We got there and enjoyed sitting in the INZONE club before the game and boys really enjoyed checking out the UT cheerleaders
Here are the LONGHORN fans in their seats, enjoying the game!
Here's where all the fun really started.
The boys brought a vuvuzela (which means really loud and annoying horn)
on the way out of the stadium they were blowing it at the fans having a good ole time...
all the fans got a kick out of it.
While we were at a light, they blow it out the window and the car next to us had their window down....lets just say it scared the $#*! out of them.
The UT fans in the car next to us called us mother F-ers....and we all laughed.
We sat there for about a minute when all of the sudden we hear this bang...
My first thought was holy crap I just hit someone or someone just hit us...
OH NO...we finally see it....
the boys in the car next to us...threw a sausage on the hood of my car.
Yes you heard me right a .....SAUSAGE!!!
It must have been leftover from their pre-game BBQ.
And heres the evidence......
We got sausaged...
It really was quite FUNNY....
We laughed the whole way home!!!
UT + vuvuzela + sausage= one fun night

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm in LOVE...and I'm not talking about hubby

I'm in LOVE....
and I'm not talking about hubby...
shhhhhh...don't tell him!!!!
Hubby has had it with me. He has found out my secret!!!
He's has caught me in the act:
1. on the sofa with "it" sitting in my lap
2. way to busy with "it" to cook dinner
3. I'm always holding "it"
4. I'm always talking about "it"
5. I have to hide "it" from the kids
6.I have even slipped a "rubber case" on "it"
7. I've got lessons so I know all the ways to use "it"
8. I'm up late at night with "it"
9. I always talk about how easy "it" is.
10. and worse of all, he caught me in bed with "it"

I know I'm having an affair with "it"
"it" is so hot, and I love "it".....

Silly peps,
IT is my new
Macbook Pro.
I never understood the obsession with laptops.
I always thought I was a desk top kinda girl!
Well, I was wrong.
This laptop R O C K S!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celebrating My dads 69th birthday

Celebrating my dads 69th Birthday!!!!
Tom and Kyle had been fishing and caught tons of fish so we decided to have a
Fish Fry!!!
Had the whole family to celebrate my dads big day.
Me and my sister Dawn...
The kids having fun...oh wait thats my sister, she loves to pick on the kids.
Connor was trying to get her in the pool, she was having no part of that.
Big Dad....69th birthday!!!
Happy birthday dad .....we love you!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010


Memorial Day FUN....
Cody and his friends hangin at the Lake

Cody and his girlfriend Morgan
Cody's friends Connor and Courtney enjoying a day at the lake..
hangin at the LAKE...
I know people saying it is Hotter that H-E- double hockey sticks in Texas, but when you have days like this its worth it. Summer in Texas really never ends..

Are You ready for some FOOTBALL???
Connor is playing for his 7th grade middle school team.
He is playing QB and Receiver!!!!
Lets go Panthers!!!!!
Kyle is playing for is JV high school team.
He is playing center.. we are so proud of him.
Can't wait to see him play, since he broke is thumb during a practice right before the season started. He is out for 4-6 weeks....
Get Better soon so we can see you kick some booty in Football...
Cody is playing Varsity for his High School team.
We are so excited for him!!!
He is playing wide receiver. It is so exciting to sit in the stadium and watch him and his team play...
Go Rattlers.....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cody's Football room

Cody's girlfriend Morgan came over this morning while he was at his football breakfast and she decorated his room....
Cody came home and was so surprised!!!
I think it must have worked because he got in for some great plays and his team won!!!