Thursday, February 28, 2008


You mission should you choose to accept:: T.P. one of mommy's friends who was having a very special B-day (age: top secret) Cody, Connor, Ben (Connor's b.f) and mommy accepted. 
Daddy wanted to stay at home just in case we need to make our one phone call.....(he said he would bail us out of jail)
Cody in action......
Connor was excited that the security guard did not catch us. We were hiding on the side of the house.
What a pro: T.P. in hand, trashing my friends yard(hope I can still call her a friend), and he had time to stop for a picture.
We are amateurs but we learned one lesson: go with the 2 ply, the cheap stuff is really hard to toss in the air and it tears easily.

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