Saturday, March 15, 2008


Cody left for his trip this morning (or for some people that did not sleep, really late at night) he had to be at the airport at 4:15 a.m. I know harsh....But I am proud to say we made it. Mom and hip brother Kyle took him. (yes, I too was shocked to hear that my 12 year old wanted to get up and do something for his brother.) I have to say Kyle was so cute telling Cody that he was really going to miss him. With brotherly love Cody replied with a half hearted "ummmm. " Hip hubby and little brother left yesterday for Connor's baseball camp out. So it was very stressful knowing I had the sole tasking of getting up at 3 a.m. (no sleep for me)
Cody(in red) with his friend Riley, Julia and Amanda. I think they are going to have a great time. I am very happy that our good friend Rick (Riley's) dad is going as a chaperone, that made saying goodbye a little easier.
Here Cody is right before we say our goodbye's. I have to say that I was very excited that he said I could take pictures. ( I did wait for another mom to that the first one so I would not look like the dorky overprotective mom.) So off you go......on your first real adventure with out us. It makes me sad to think you are growing up so fast. Life was so much easier when you were a baby and I knew I could spend every moment with you. If this is any indication of how it is going to be when you go to college I am pretty sure that hip hubby will have to have me medicated and hospitalized or I will just go with you boyz. (I'm not joking) (I mean it)
x0x0x0x0x mom


blessedme said...

Awww...I'm in tears for you. I can't STAND when my kids go anywhere without me(it's really bad when they even do field trips to the zoo). I'm like you drug me or take me along(the latter being better). Sending you some cyber hugs and good thoughts for a safe trip for Cody.

BTW, thanks for the tip on the chandelier, I hadn't thought of that.

Michelle said...

4:15??? That's crazy time! Love reading the blog, keep busy and those 6 days will fly by!