Friday, March 7, 2008


We had a visit from the Princess today. She decided to come out of her castle to play. (really Michelle had a meeting that Avery could not attend) We were thrilled to watch her. She could not wait to pick up Connor from school.
She was so busy eating strawberries and taking phone calls....
You know everyone wants to talk to the Princess..
Connor always said he wanted a little sister...well here you go!!!!
Avery wanted them to have matching green lollipops. 

Avery just loves Connor. She had to be right by his side at all times.
Princess did have to return to her castle but she can come and visit us anytime....


Michelle said...

Love the post! The sad thing about it is that she DOES think she is a princess. But, hey, I am not the one to break it to her! She does love all 3 of your boys names Kyle! :>)
Thanks again, hope Bella is not too traumatized.

blessedme said...

She is too adorable and isn't that just how it should be for a princess? Thanks for the comments on my blog. We took baby to the shop today(it happened again this morning, ah the joys of AAA though!). So, hopefully it's something simple. Have a wonderful day!