Saturday, April 12, 2008


I was going through my camera and I forgot that I took this picture of Connor dressed-up as BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.  I know why I forgot about this picture, its because this was the day of deadly snake visit, and my feathers were ruffled that day. 
Connor had to dress up as Benjamin Franklin which was a task in itself because this kid does not like to dress up for anything. We worked hard all week on his project. He had to have a typed report and he had to memorize a 3-4 min. speech. I was stressed, but Connor  whipped that speech out like it was nothing. I guess that is the difference between a 10 year old brain and a 30-ish year old brain. He looked so cute with the wig and glasses on. He also had props, did you know that Benjamin Franklin invented the harmonica, swim flippers and  bifocals.
This is the cutest Benjamin Franklin I have ever seen.

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Michelle said...

Oh my gosh. Hip Kid 3 has the look of "Mom, swear you won't blog this...please...!" Way to go Ben Franklin!