Wednesday, April 2, 2008


A Happy Soul......"Sole as in shoe." I've had a rough week and it's only Wednesday. Sometimes in life things happen to make you question people around you. This week has been a real eye-opener on how people treat other people. I will definitely take the blinders off from now on.......O>K> enough about that.....this is what I really wanted to talk about. I LOVE SHOES...I know you probably think you love shoes, too. But I really LOVE SHOES. They never care if you have gained that extra 5 pounds and they will always fit. These are my newest find. I found them at Nordstroms and it was love at first sight. The only problem was they only had 8 1/2 so I still tried them on. They were a little to big, but when the other salesperson said that his customer wanted to try them on if I was not going to get them I was quick to say they were coming home with me. Then, I had my salesgirl order them in a size 8 and of course I had to get the black and the brown ones. She had them shipped to my house to make sure the size was right and then I will return the pair that I left the store with.
So....MAKE MY DAY, the ups delivered the shoes today. So I have decided that a new pair of soles makes for a           HAPPIER SOUL,(when you are having a bad day)
p.s. yes, that is leopard carpet that you see, I have 3 boys and  I was determined to have some kinda of girly room even if it was my closet.
P.S.S.  This is for you mom, now you don't have to look at the snake anymore.


Allmykids123 said...

You and your shoes.. oh my goodness. Those are really cute, though. Do you still own every pair of Yellow Box ever made? :) I'm sorry you are having a rough week.. hope it gets better for you.

blessedme said...

FAB shoes!!! Oh, those are cute...I need to head over to my local Nordstroms. A fellow shoe aficienado...loving it! You asked about the frame, I found this really cool project in the foofala book I got a couple months back, so I'm doing a giant scrapbooking page for it. It looks cuter than it sounds. The background is old sheet music.

blessedme said...
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