Wednesday, April 9, 2008


o.k. I have to confess, I cheated today.....
oh, please it's not what you think, but I am still afraid I will get caught.
I went to a new HAIR-DRESSER,,,,I know that was wrong of me, so please don't tell the old one.
I just wanted something new. I was very nervous when I got there and then when the girl called for back up ( a second opinion) I really started to sweat. I mean please, we are talking about my hair, you know the thing that we are really attached to, that drives us crazy everyday and can determine our mood for the day.( good hair = good day, bad hair = leave me the @?%& alone and stop staring at me). At this point I really wanted to get up out of the chair. Instead, I took a deep breath and reminded myself that she came with great referrals. 
Then she brings me papers so show me the color she is going to mix up and the color she will use for the highlights, o.k. I thought you only got paper work when you went to the doctor?
Then she asked me to sign a paper, basically saying that if she messed up I was s.o.l.
So, I signed away and off she went. After 3 hours ( of pure relaxation ,my mom had to pick up all of the hip boyz for me) I was finally done. And I have to say that she did an awesome job.
So, after all of the sweating and being nervous it really paid off....I felt so sassy with my new color and cut. So , I guess if you need to tell my old hair dresser go ahead, because I've already scheduled my next appt. (hopefully this will not be another 3 hours or pure relaxation)

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Anonymous said...

Post a picture of your new "do" so we can oooh and ahhhh over it! Can't wait to see that sassy new style! ~Jill