Monday, April 28, 2008


The middle of the hip boyz Kyle is officially a teenager. (harsh, I know)
He turned 13 on Sunday. We were out of town and he was suppose to play in a tournament but,
with all of the rain, his age group was one of the ones to get canceled.  He was really bummed.
(notice the cute card, courtesy of onewiredwoman) (gotta love her and all of her talents)

Hip Hubby worked so hard to put Kyle's present together. We ordered it and it just came in today.  And true to fashion, who comes home from school today??? Yes, the birthday boy.
He called about 11 and said his tummy was hurting. What do I start thinking, is he really sick or pulling something? When he said" he still wanted to go out to eat for his birthday", I really started think I got played. So there I was getting ready for a big night out with my boyz and the oldest of the hipz comes in yelling Kyle is getting sick it the sink.  All I could think of was, wow he really was sick. What a good mom I am to know all of the signs...LOL
So, he finally mustarded up enough energy to come and see his last birthday gift.
He was so excited. He as been asking for a punching bag. So after a few hits with his new gloves he made a mad dash back into the house and illness had struck again...
Poor Baby (oops I mean TEENAGER).


Allmykids123 said...

Can't believe that baby is a teenager. Remember when we used to say how much we dreaded our kids getting in the double digits. Well.. it's here the last one will be 10 in October...

Anonymous said...

He is so dad gum cute! I know your hubby is thinking, "Wow, thanks Jill!" Even though Mr. Hip Mom is cute too, I was referring to the birthday boy this time. Yes Kyle... you are even photogenic after getting sick in the sink. Geez!! That's impressive!! ~Jill