Sunday, May 18, 2008


Connor got to participate in 4th grade track meet. He was so excited.
They tried out at school during P.E. Connor had the fastest time for a 4th grader.
Here he is stretching before the race.
Still stretching.... I guess the track runner Cody told him to do that. Or he thinks it looks cool.
There's Connor in lane 2. He is running the 400 relay and he is the last leg..
I know you are wondering where are the pictures of him running.....well that would be, because after he lined up and his mom turned the camera off, so while he was running I could not get the camera to focus, well it will focus if YOU TURN THE STUPID CAMERA ON. So that was another one of my proud camera moments. Genius, I know....
So, here he is showing off his 1st place ribbon.


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MamaMia said...

Whoohoo...first place...congrats!

Anonymous said...

Run... Connor... Run!!!! Congrats!! :) ~Jill