Monday, May 26, 2008

Bush Bulldog Pride Award

This past week Kyle got a big award. He was awarded the 
This is a award that the teachers give out to students. Teachers nominate the kids for
good grades, good behavior and improving throughout the year.
Kyle was very excited to receive this award.
Kyle receiving his award from the principal.

Kyle shows off his big award. We are so proud of you.
Way to go, Kyle.


Allmykids123 said...

Congrats Kyle! We're proud of you.. you have always taken pride in everything you do, so I'm not surprised. Love, NaNa

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome, Kyle!! You Heffron boys are something else!! Eric loves reading about all of this. You guys are great role models. We missed seeing your smiling face in Houston this past weekend. Hopefully we'll get to see the whole Heffron crew at the state tournament. :)

Congrats again!! Woo Hoo! (Toe Touch, Hurky, high kick!!) You know... you guys are going to have to slow it down on the awards. This 42 year old body can't jump & high kick like it used to back in the day. hee hee

Smiles, ~Jill :)

Simply Me... said...

Way to go Kyle, what a great thing to happen to you, keep~up the good work... and talk your brother's to do the same,hope your all doing well.


Dancing Queen said...

Wow!! You have incredible boys! That is HUGE!
CONGRATS from the Northside!