Wednesday, July 9, 2008


o.k. I have found this great blogger Staci and she has come up with Raggin Wednesday, so on Wednesday we can rag about whatever is really bothering us. Well, Staci this is for you, I dedicated my FIRST RAGGIN WEDNESDAY  to you.
I have one of those front loader washing machines. It is great and I love it. We have had it for about 5 years and over the past few  months it has been acting up. It sometimes gets cranky and decided that the door is not closed when it really is and it won't let you start the load of laundry. So after the past few months of banging on the door just with the right bang (hip hubby could always getting it to work) it would start to work for awhile and then act up again. Now that you have the picture, I finally had enough and called a repairman. Yea,,,,,he could come on Wednesday between 10-2 (which really means nothing). Great, after I booked it, I forgot I was going to Waco to pick up Cody at basketball camp. What to do , What to do,,,, I knew I needed it fixed we were all going and coming from out of town and that means is lots of dirty clothes......So....GRAMMIE to the rescue. She said she would wait for the repairman.....Yea I was finally going to get the washer fixed.....WRONG!!!!
The repairman shows up right at 10 ( I knew it was too good to be true). And what do think happened???? You guessed it the washer was working just fine. So I explained to him over the phone how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't  and we have to bang on the door, so it is probably the door lock. He said " yes mama ,it  probably is the door lock but since it is working I am not allowed to do any repairs on it." I say...."are you kidding me". He says " Nope, you will have to give us a call to come back out when it is not working. Oh and by the way here is your bill for  $ 55.00.  So next time I call the repairman to fix the washer, that sometimes works and sometimes needs a good kick in the door( I mean bang), I will make sure that I look into my crystal ball so I know exactly what day it will not be working.
Staci, I hope my first RAGGIN WEDNESDAY is a good one.


Tina Magness said...

Mallory...I didn't know you were a fellow blogger?!! Your blog is sooo cute. Check mine out at

Tina Magness

Staci said...

oh i would be sooo mad!!! THis is great thanks for participateing!!!!

Anonymous said...

OHHHH- I might have just knocked mr repairman upside the head!

Anonymous said...

Nice..I would of been a little ticked off myself!! I hope you get it fixed soon as I'm sure you have lots of boy clothes that get awfully dirty!!

Anonymous said...

Oh hell... I'm going to jump on the Raggin' Wednesday band wagon!! I may need to devote more than one day to Raggin'... This repairman thing sounds like something that would happen to me.

When is Connor's World Series? ~Jill :)

MamaMia said...

I knew it! These machines have a mind of their evil one, I might add. Of course they are not going to show our husbands or the repairman that they don't work. They are on their best behavior to make us look like idiots and torture us. Ug!!

Dancing Queen said...

ooh...i could have RAGGED a lot when our a/c went out...warranty people & repair workers are the worst!

can't wait till next wednesday...hmmmm, what to narrow it down to?????

The Birds Nest said...

I definitely need to get in on this. My whole life is like that. I would have tons of good blog fodder:-)

Anonymous said...

Well the repair man was real nice.
Chela and I did everything to make the washing machine not work while he was there. Chela and I just looked at each other and said "oh well, would'nt you know it. Hope next time I am not the one who has to wait for the repair man--at least this one was prompt.