Thursday, August 7, 2008


Even moms of all boyz get to have some sparkle and bling in our lives.
I was so excited when I got this package in the mail today. It was so cute.
This is the cute sticker that was on the outside.
This way to cute thank you card was inside.
I just love this store. I found them at our junior league sale and feel in love.
They have a great web site Check out the cute t-shirts.
So here is the big reveal of what moms of all boyz can order. Yes, it is related to sports
 (cuz thats what boyz do).
My mom got me the baseball necklace and I wear it to every baseball game that I go to. (get tons of compliments) so I decided that with football right around the corner I should get the cute bling-bling football necklace. Of course I could not stop there, when I went to order it they only had 1 basketball necklace you guessed it, I ordered that one, too. I mean after football it's basketball season, right....
They are so cute and made out of Swarovski crystals if you go to the web site just click on
accessories and go to page 6 and you too can have one...
So here are my way to cute necklaces.....
I had to give you the full here I am modeling the football.( this will be the only time you will see me modeling on the internet,,,,,ha.ha)


Christina said...

VERY CUTE!! I need a football one ASAP!

Allmykids123 said...

Cute, cute!! With football season around the corner, it's a must-have!

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Ohhh...I might have to snag that football necklace. Love that! And I'm a big fan of Annette's touch of class. Love their things. :)

Anonymous said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! These are way cute... I'm ordering baseball, football and basketball right this minute!! ~Jill :) Thanks for sharing, sistah!!