Saturday, August 16, 2008


This is what I walked in on last night. Connor was suppose to be putting clothes up, but he decided that having a hanger fight would be more fun. So the second time I go in his room with the camera he and hip hubby are calling it fencing.
Connor said it was just like the olympics (O.K. if you say so)
It really was kinda funny to watch them go at it with the hangers.

So sorry hip hubby but once you break your hanger you're disqualified.
So Connor will end up walking away with the GOLD. Way to go.  Now only if we can convince the Olympics that hanger fencing is a sport, I think you could make the American team.....
(I'll keep my fingers crossed)HA,HA


Simply Me... said...

Very cute! way to go Connor! Have a great Sunday, see you later this week I'm sure :)

LaNnY :o)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the creative games my hubby plays with our sons. Something usually gets broke before a medal is awarded. The story of my life... and Matt is usually the one instigating it. LOL ~Jill :)

Staci said...

o man i am sooo tired of the olympics.....when will it end?? this is cute!!!