Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Praying and Playing

Yes, you are see it! Children praying before a meal.
I know this happens on a daily basis and it happens in my home.
But, if you look really close at the picture you notice there are no adults.
It mean that my children did this on their own and had their friends praying, too.
This site brought a tear to my eye. Not because my children were praying but, because
they did this all on their own and did it in front of their friend. WOW.
This just makes me beam inside.
God is good.
God is cool. 
 Even when mom and dad are not looking.


Baird's Blessings said...

Amazing. Has to make you proud. You have done a great job raising them!

4funboys said...

that's when you know that all that hard work, years of training, worry and wondering... pays off!!!

ahhh... thats inspiration!!!!

great post!!!

Dancing Queen said...

i told you...great role models for my boyz!!! that is so neat...really makes me have chills!

MamaMia said...

Now that's the true test...when mom and dad aren't around. Awesome and job well done!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I know that was a proud moment for you!

Anonymous said...

I have always told both you and Tom that the boys are wonderful. They have good souls and heart always remembering that God and parents are the best of life (even though the don't tell their parents how great they are.) You have taught them to be who they are.Can you tell I am proud of you all.



Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

What an awesome moment girl. You've raised them well. Impeccable! Just impeccable. God is good! Give those boys a hug from the Seaman Fam.
Blessings, Angie

Tina Magness said...

Simply Beautiful!!


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord! Mine is two and just starting to pray with us. I can't wait for the day that he has his own testimony before his friends.
I just wanted to let you know that the photo thrilled my heart.