Tuesday, September 9, 2008


o.k. I have been meaning to share this awesome "score" that I made. 
First let me start by saying that I hate going to stores like Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ max. My mom says that I'm not a digger. She is a digger. I walk into these stores and I just start to sweat. I makes me nervous all of the stuff everywhere. So here I am a grown woman walking behind my mommy stomping my feet cuz, I don't want to shop here. She thinks it's funny, but will never go with me again. So I buy this cute purse. Keep it for a day and decided that I really don't want this purse. So now I have to mustard up the courage to go back to the store and return the purse. I have to all by myself....and the sweating begins. 
I get in line to return the purse and get up to the counter I see this really way cute table behind the counter and think someone has that on hold. I ask the sales girls and she says she is getting ready to put it back on the floor. So I casually ask how much is it? She says $49.00. I think I screamed 'WHAT". SO I take a closer look and see that the top of the table is metal and the design looks like a cross......So I buy it......Yes, little old me buys something at the store that makes me so nervous and I did it with out my mommy there.  
So, I guess I will have a new outlook on these stores> I will for sure be checking out there home goods, but you can forget about the clothes........those racks of clothes make me break out it hives.


Allmykids123 said...

You were a pretty good digger in Round Top, if I remember correctly. Cute table!!

Dancing Queen said...

i'm not a digger either...if it doesn't jump right out at me, forget it!

great find for you!

4funboys said...

wow! I never luck out like that- good for you!!