Monday, October 20, 2008

Baseball Sunday

This weekend Connor had a football game Saturday morning and a baseball tournament in Austin. My mom and dad took Connor to Austin for his Saturday night games and they spent the night up there so that hubby and I could stay home and do the homecoming thing with Cody. Connor was excited to go with them because he knows that grammie and springer (they call my dad springer cuz they say he looks like Jerry Springer and the funny thing is, besides the fact that he does look like him, is his name is Jerry) will totally spoil him and he can get whatever he wants and they will take him wherever he wants to eat (soiled rotten)
Tom and I drove up Sunday for the second game. We just could not make the 8 a.m. game after getting no sleep the night before. Connor got to pitch this game and he did great.
I know crazy picture. I saw angelicagracedesigns take a picture of her sons shoes and I loved it. I just love the way that Connor turns his foot every time he bats....

The Stealers ended up not making it to the championship game, but we'll get em' next time.


4funboys said...

love the shot of the shoe... I like that idea.

I think I can just use yours though... it's the same shoe ... and I think you're better with a camera!

Miss Anne said...

great pics!

check this link for some pics of my canvases...

Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish Eric and Connor could play on the same team one day!! Wouldn't that be fun!?! Eric needs to start getting back into the baseball mode. Hi Connor!!

~Jill :)

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Thanks for the shout out sista'! We love our boys and their sports shoes, eh? Too cute! Great job!

Blessings, Angie

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

PS...just an FYI for ya...the link isn't working. I checked it out and it is appears that "designs" is spelled wrong in the link.

Just thought I'd let ya know girlfriend beings that you took the time to link to me from this great post.

Big hugs,

lowleeta said...

yeaaaaa!! i wish i could be there to see all this excitement!

p.s. i still have photos to post from the trip to schlitterbahn when con and ben came. so cute. i think i may need to do a post this week - a memory to make me smile... sounds good.