Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kyle's posse

Tonight when I came home from pictures for homecoming this is what I found, Kyle and his posse (Case, Kyle, Luke, Jake, Tyler and Dane) were cruzin' the hood in the golf cart. They thought it would be fun to ding-dong ditch people. (ring the doorbell and run off) Sounds like fun to me just don't get caught by the security guards!


lowleeta said...

oh my gosh i hardly recognized case. these boys are too funny... um do they honestly have those matching green bandanas? lol. looks like trouble ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Fun!! We did the same thing in middle school. Loved driving the golf cart around!!!

Anonymous said...

Just be glad that you own the cart....I remember when several of Lindsey's guy friends got in tons of trouble when they decided to "borrow" some of the golf carts at Sonterra and go joy-riding!! I'm not trying to give anyone any ideas.......Loretta