Sunday, October 12, 2008


We went to the REAGAN gala on Friday night. The gala supports all of the sports clubs at the high school. 
We got a table with some of our friends. Here is Michelle and Chris.
My very sweet friend Val and her hubby Denny went with us. I am so excited that they went. Val lived in S.A. for awhile and then her hubby got transfered to Arizona. After missing SA so much her hubby got transfered back to SA in January....yea we are all so excited. Friday was a big day for them, they closed on a new home and made it official they are here to stay. I just love her and her family, our family's mesh so well. 
Earlier in the week, I found out that the gala theme was "go green." and the dress was casual, which meant wear you fav Reagan attire. I was excited now I can take back the outfit that I bought. I went out to find some cute leopard shoes to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. I went to DSW wear house since they just opened a new one by my house. I'm looking, and looking and looking and I turn the corner and see this bright, grass green shoes they are the perfect Reagan green I had to have them. Thank goodness they were on sale ( I guess no one really buys grass green shoes) so I got them for $14.00 yea,,,,I thought what a bargain. I will probably never wear them again, so I don't feel too guilty since they were only $14.00. 
Me and hip hubby! I wore my bling,bling shirt and if you look closely you can see the cute Reagan necklace that I made. 
My mom and dad came over to watch the kids for us and hubby let her know that we were not going to bid on anything that we did not need. So , my mom and I are still laughing at the fact the hubby had to get the batboy for Connor in the silent auction and in the live auction hip hubby got carried away on bidding on the football boy for one of our big high school games for Kyle.  SO after hip hubby spent $$$$ my mom and I have not stopped teasing him...... 


Miss Anne said...

Is it bad that I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes??? I just bought a pea green double breasted coast for this fall and absolutely love it!

(I do have bright green paisley rubber galoshes too!)

Love the pics! :) looks like a great night!

Allmykids123 said...

Green is a great color! Looks like a fun night for everyone. Your hair is so blonde girlfriend. It looks great!

Rachel said...

Love the shoes!! They are cute and a great splash of color.
Great pic of you and hubby!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes--you have to let me borrow them. (Where am I going to get to wear them????) Thomas as a son-in-law you are the greatest--but am I ever going to have fun with your gala bidding. Do any of us ever NEED anything???Besides it was for "my boys" sso it's Ok.

Love you

Michelle said...

Had a GREAT time at the Gala with you guys!

MamaMia said...

green, my favorite love love the shoes!

did you make your shirt? i need a spirit shirt for my daughter's school that's cute and trendy. let me know. might need you to make a special necklace too.

btw, you two...beautiful couple...way hip!

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!
Love the necklace!
Love the bling shirt!!!

Looks like a fun night for HipMom and Big Bad Bidding Tom!! :) ~Jill

Dancing Queen said...

looks like a fun, fun evening! those are so much better than any "stuffy" event...lovin' the reagan necklace! you'll have to let us know if you customize...jack's kinder teacher has a son who plays for the new nisd high school brandeis and they are the broncos...would be a fun gift for her!!

those auction items are priceless...which i'm sure he used in his argument already:)

anxious for 5;00 to come!!!

Mrs. B said...

Oh, cute cute shoes! I love that color green. We have a similar dinner for our local sports every year too, and we always end up bidding on something we don't need!

Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Oh I'm loving the green shoes. Too cute. Great shot of you and the hubby too. Sounds like a great night.
Blessings, Angie

Joelle said...

thanks for stopping by the blog! you were right, williamsburg is great and we had a fabulous time!!! love those green shoes!

The Birds Nest said...

You look great!! Love the necklace and the shoes!!! Such a fun color!!!