Monday, October 6, 2008


If you keep up with my blog you know that we had a golf ball go through our window. I had several window companies come out and give us bids.....OMG, I just wanted a piece of glass, I don't want to buy the company. The quotes I got were outrageous !!! I had no idea glass windows were so $$$$. Thank goodness one of our friends owns a construction company and said that he could send his guys over to fix it. So after they ordered the glass (which was a 10th of what the glass company wanted to install it) they came to install it.  I had to move everything out of the living room and put it in the kitchen.
Or course the window that got broken had to be our biggest and highest window.
Do you love the new look? I'm a professional decorator and I really like the look of the sofa in the kitchen. Trust me it is going to catch on.
We also had them fix a window in our master bedroom. We have double pain windows and they can get moisture in them and they get all foggy. So when they went to break it they tapped it up so the glass would not fly everywhere. I took some pictures and then I had to leave. I can not stand the mess of everything and the broken glass everywhere was making me nervous. But, the guys did a great job and the windows look awesome and they were a fraction of the cost....Glad our friend Jake came to the rescue...


Dancing Queen said...

Note to self...become friends with a doctor, a pharmacist, a homebuilder, AND NOW a window repair man:)

Glad you are all patched up & whole again!

I LOVE what I am seeing of your house! Beau-ti-FUL!!

Rachel said...

I hope your home is back to normal soon; I stress when things are all amuck!

By the way do you still have that necklace? I wasn't on the computer when I got your email and responded back from my phone I am not sure if you got it yet...let me know how much :)

Love your stuff!

Allmykids123 said...

I do love the sofa in the kitchen look.. I hear it's the new trend. What a "pane" in the butt to have to replace that window. (Get it... pane.. pain?) Your house looks great.. can't believe I've never been inside.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Girl... it is just such an inconvenience to have your house turned upside down like that. Jake to the rescue!! Can he move to Houston? ~Jill :)

Simply Me... said...

Yeah you got it fixed! come on over I have something to ask you?


THE Stephanie said...

Ha! It's good to have friend in high places!! lol