Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valentines Day Party

I just love planning school parties. I hate to say this is my last Valentines day party. Connor is the youngest and once he is in 5th grade next year they have a big group party for all of the 5th grade classes. So this one had to be great. I organized to all of the kids to make a Valentines day scrapbook. They added their cards to the pages and decorated the outside with fun foam and stickers. I love the fact that Connor is willing to do crafty projects (only at school and if all of his friends are doing it).
                                   Connor adding his Valentines cards to his scrapbook.
Connor with his 4th grade teacher Mrs. Frost.  I have to say we are very lucky to have her, she is wonderful with the kids. Also, Mrs. Frost won teacher of the year this year. 
Notice Connors shirt( maybe it's not a good idea to wear that in a picture with your teacher.)
                                      The kids all enjoyed decorating cookies...yummy
                                                               The finished project.

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