Friday, February 29, 2008


Yea, for me..... I get to have my little girl fix.  My dear friend Michelle (michellesloosewheel)
(check her out) needed someone to watch Avery for the day. Well, little did she know that she was doing me the favor... To have a little girl for the day and to get to spoil her. Avery and I started our day with some shopping and I must say she is a great shopper. F.Y.I. my boyz hate to shop. Avery was so excited when we went to build a bear.
       Of course Miss Avery could go wild...she was with me...So off she goes and picks out the
                PINK POODLE...I did not even have to tell her to pick something PINK.......
                         She took her job very seriously,,,she fluffed and fluffed and fluffed.

                                       You said I could get anything I wanted.....
Of course we had to have to poodle skirt and the tiara with the pink feathers.
Little does Avery know that I really had more fun than she did. I love my boyz with all of my heart and I think every mom of boyz needs to have a little girl fun day filled with PINK.
I do have to say the best part was trying to give her back to Michelle. Avery cried because she wanted to stay with me and that was all the thanks I will every need. Hopefully Michelle will need someone to spoil Avery real soon.....

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Michelle said...

How about in 20 minutes! :>) I LOVE the post!