Thursday, March 20, 2008

CODY has returned

Just a quick note today....I am very excited the Cody came home last night. His flight got in around 11:30(just 1 1/2 hours late). I am a very  proud mom right now because he took....are you ready for this.... 243 pictures......that is a lot for a boy to take.( I think he got all the girls on the trip to take them for him)I was a little sad that I did not get to go to the airport, I had it all planed the littlest of the hips Connor was staying at a friends house and of course I got the phone call about 8p.m. that he had just gotten sick. ( It had to be all over my friend Julie's brand new carpet in her new house. )So, I picked up Connor and got him settled and then I went to work. My BFF Isabel's nanny's husband had a carpet cleaning business, so he saved the day and went right over to Julie's to make the carpet look bran new again.
Oh and did I mention that we are having our family pictures taken in the morning.. So I need all the blessings you can send that Connor will be well enough to smile.....

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