Friday, March 21, 2008


On Wednesday we took the boyz bowling. They had a blast and I had even more fun watching them..( I just got my nails done and we had family pictures in 2 days, I couldn't  afford a broken nail). The boyz ended up bowling 6 games and that took a very long 2 hours.....
Kyle with perfect form...I think that is what they call it in bowling.
O.K. This is where things got very interesting and funny. After 6 games of bowling the boyz ( Kyle, Connor and Connor's friend Cole) tried to get creative. They came up with Surf Bowling...The Rules of the game 1. have someone hold the ball at the end of the lane. 2. get a running start 3. start to fall forward as you getting closer to the ball. 4. once you are sliding put you hands out in front of you. 5. push the ball with your hands. ( and pray that you don't hit the ball with your mouth and knock out your teeth, this did not happen but it is a warning). After you have mastered the game of surf bowling get ready to watch your score improve.

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