Thursday, March 13, 2008


Take me out to the BALL GAME........Connor played in a tournament in Austin this  past weekend. Look at how cute he is... and that sweet face,,, I love it.
Connor plays center field and did I mention that he is the best center fielder, I have ever seen...and you know that I have seen a lot of baseball and I know my center fielders. LOL
I just love this picture. Connor is up to bat and I love the #1 on his helmet. He is #1 on the team and the kids and parents on the team call him "UNO".
O.K. I know what your first thought is, "why did she put such a dark picture up". Well if you have read my blog you know that hip hubby got me a new mega, super, long, lens for my camera. This weekend was the first time I have used it....let just say that will all the excitement of the new toy, I forgot to turn on the flash.
Here is Connor coming home to score..... 
The Devils won the game and they won the tournament. Yea...
The coolest thing is that his team really is pretty good. The are ranked #1 in the state of Texas and #3 in the country...I know pretty cool for a 10 year old. After Connor got his trophy we hauled booty out of there to get to Kyle's game. Kyle's team also won so it made for a great car ride home. Except for the fact that we left Austin at 10:00 p.m.,we had to stop and eat so we got home about midnight. The kiddos had to get up at 6:30 for school ( so I guess you can dismiss my mother of the year application).

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