Thursday, March 13, 2008


Cody ran in his first track meet on Tuesday. He ran in the 800 and the mile. It was so exciting. I guess this goes with the territory of having 3 boyz that eventually I will attend every sporting event known to mankind. ( Which really is kinda fun, cuz I am pretty girly)
Look at the form he has,,,oh and he looks so cute..
Here Cody is running in the home stretch in the mile race. He did awesome he finished 13th out of about 40 kids. He ran the mile in 5:40 (which I am told that is a great time) . Hip mom, Kyle, Connor and hip grammie cheered him on... Way to go.
I was a bit shocked to find out that track meets are around 4 hours long.(WHAT!)
We are just so blessed that Cody runs in the second event and the last event, so that means we sit for 4 hours to watch about a 6 min. event.(LOL)  Cody I will do that for you any day (and every Tuesday) you know that I am your BIGGEST fan....

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