Saturday, March 22, 2008


Today we finally dyed our EASTER eggs.... I have had them boiled for days but with Cody being in New York and Connor was sick this was the first day we could sit down and color eggs. The hip 14 year old declared that he was to old to dye eggs,,,(WHAT) So, I talked him into dying 6 eggs and of course once he got started he couldn't stop. Each of the boyz had 1 1/2 dozen eggs to dye,,, sound like a lot but they finished in record time. This was just a warm up, we are going to the grandparents house with all of the family to dye more eggs and have  a egg hunt this afternoon. 
See hip Cody did get into dying the eggs...
Connor had a mess, I don't know what he was doing.
Kyle had one of the coolest eggs.It ended up looking like camouflage. 
Here are some of the finished eggs...I love all of the bright colors. It reminds me that spring is here, or if you live in Texas summer is right around the corner!

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Michelle said...

Those eggs are COOL! Love Kyle's camo one... such a creative little darling!