Thursday, March 13, 2008


I have been visiting some of the wonderful blogs out there and I saw where people are sharing their decorating ideas. On the Nesting place she had a link to a blog( I don't know how to add a link so go check out her blog)that showed how she had decorated with family pictures, so I thought I would show some of mine. Above is a hallway down to my husbands office and one of the baths, this wall stayed empty for about a year. And it finally hit me to put up shelves with pictures. I have this in our kitchen bath that the previous owner had left a plan black shelve, but I decided to switch it out to a metal shelve and off I go.. putting metal shelves all over the house. Its a great way to hang pictures and put stuff on the the shelves to add dimension. I love the family sign and found that at a craft store Hobby Lobby so I hung that and just worked around it.
I took this pictures to show my wonderful work space. This is my desk (that the hip hubby as taken over) I got demoted to the kitchen desk. I did the same thing with the metal shelve. I love the piece of tin ( I just had in the garage)I added some pins to put pictures up with, so I can change those out.
This is the wall next to my work space (that hip hubby took over). I just went to the store and found stuff that I liked and I worked it in. I love the sign up top it reads, AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVERY AFTER.
This is in the game room. I love all of the pictures of when the boys where babies. I framed them all myself, got everything from Hobby Lobby.( Shout out to all the framing business , love you guyz just can't afford ya.)When I put them up they looked pretty plan,,,,that is until I added the brown silk ribbon,now it has that finished look. Love it....


The Nester said...

LOVING all of your different groupings! Love the ribbons, love the shelves and the mix of initials and word plaques!!

Great job!

Shannon said...

Hey! I love all your picture walls! You do a great job decorating the shelves! PS I love your office!

Leigh said...

Very nice.