Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've got to be a part of it, NEW YORK, NEW YORK.....

I have to report some very disturbing news......The oldest of the hip boyz has decided to venture out to the BIG APPLE.....( not really he will be coming home, I had you for a second)
Last night we attend Cody's eight grade trip meeting. He is leaving for New York and Washington D.C. this Saturday and will be gone for 6 days. So at the meeting we learned that the most important part and the most disturbing part of the trip is he had to be at the airport at ......are you ready for this  4:15 a.m.(I think whoever planned that needs to be fired) All kidding aside this is going to be a great experience for Cody and this will be his 2nd trip there, so he is a pro at haling a cab, riding the subway, knocking into people as you walk, being rude, paying way to much for food and bargining in China town. On this tour he will get to see NBC, Empire state building, McDonald's in time square(hey he is only 14),Stature of Liberty,Ellis Island,Financial district(make your daddy proud),"Marry Poppins", Virgin records and Battery Park. The in D.C. they see M.T. Vernon, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Kennedy Center, Air and Space Museum, Holocaust Museum,Natural History Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Tomb of the unknown Soldier. They get to go on the Alexandria Colonial Ghost tour (spooky), Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon and.....drum roll.........            The White House...and I am sure that President Bush will be waiting with open arms since we are from Texas..
Oh, did I mention that I had to go buy a new camera at Target for this trip. Thank goodness they were on sale, cuz Cody you better be taking lots of pictures....I hope you have a great time and trust me when I say I will counting the days until you are home. p.s. the Blue print is cuz I am sad and I will miss you.

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Leigh said...

Sounds like fun. My daughter's class is either to go this year or next. I too will be a nervous wreck, without her in my sight. Your son will be in good hands and in many prayers. Enjoy!