Friday, October 17, 2008


Hip hubby's sister's Lauren and Lindsey (in picture) both graduated from Reagan so they made Cody a mum for homecoming. It was so cute. I think I will have to take a lesson so that I can make our mums next year. 
Can you tell how excited he was to take yet another picture!
I was so excited for him to come home from school on Thursday. It was spirit day and all the kids trade mums with the person they are going to homecoming with. Cody got the cutest mum from Amanda.
This is the mum Amanda gave it.
Lauren this is for you. Here is the picture of the mum that you and Lindsey made. o.k. really Lindsey made it, you were here in spirit! I  know it would be hard for you to make the mum all the way in New York City.


Anonymous said...

What a cool tradition that is! I love it. I wish we did that here in Virginia!

lowleeta said...

AHHH!! thanks for posting these pics mal! i love it i love it. cody looks so cute. i mean SO HANDSOME :D i can't believe cody is in hs. OH MY GOSH. i will be home in three weeks and i can't wait to see you guys!!


missy said...

wow it looks like you have an AWESOME homecoming...i wish we had more school spirit and more traditions at our school!!
the kids just don't get in to it like i think they should!!!!
thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Allmykids123 said...

Cody, you look very handsome! Hope you had a great time at Homecoming.

lowleeta said...

go read my blog! i linked you in it.. .and i put up pics of the boys (and stole two from your page also...ha). tell the boys i wrote about them! and let them read it!


p.s. i added the 'followers' link to my blog too and gave it a major makeover. let me know what you think

Lindsey said...

Awww they look so good on him!!! I love it!