Sunday, November 9, 2008

An Angel with a broken wing....

We almost made it out of the football season with no injuries. I did say almost.
Kyle finished his last football game on Tuesday. Cody finished his last football game on Saturday morning. Connor had his semi-championship game on Saturday at 12:30.
With just seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Connor catches the ball and runs for the touchdown, at the 9 yard line he gets tackled. At first it really did not register with me that it was Connor that was down. I saw all of the coaches run over to him and the stands were very quite. Everyone telling me he is going to be o.k. (you know that thing the us mom's do when a kid is hurt). I see my hubby running back across the field and he is waving for me to come on the field. So I'm still thinking o.k. not too bad.....Wrong! Hubby then shouts "go get your car". I then scream "what? how bad is it?? I just grab my purse and head for the car, leaving my camera and camera bag. My mother-in-law says she will ride with us. We go get the car and I pull up to get Connor.....I wait oh about 30 seconds and then get out of the car and people are telling me he is still  laying down on the field. So at this point I just leave the car and run out on the field and as I am getting closer to him, the coaches have him up and walking to the car with a piece of wood under his arm for support. My sweet friend Barbie (yes, she does kinda look like a barbie-doll) says she is going to drive us to the hospital...Hip hubby is in his car following us. Barbie driving, my mother-in-law in the front and me and Connor in the back and like the good mom that I am I still managed to get the seat belt on him. But forget about me I am on my knees in the middle of the suburban holding him. We make it to the hospital and we get in right away. By this time we have 6 people with us me, Tom, my mom, Barbie, and my in-laws. We go back and they put us in a room. We wait about 15 minutes for x-rays. By the time the x-ray girl comes to get Connor we now have about 15 people in Connors room. Tom and I go with him to the x-rays and YES it is broken......Connor broke is arm right below the wrist.
Would you believe that with 3 boyz all playing sports this is our first broken bone that has to have a cast?
This is the look you get after you hear the doctor say that the orthopedic surgeon might have to manipulate your arm....Oh let's just say that did not go over very well with the patient. 

Yea,,,we're out of here. Look how cute Connor looks with his sling and his football pants. Notice the no shoes!  It was hard to walk on the floor with the cleats on.
Connor and I took a picture of our matching hospital bands....
We go the the ortho doctor tomorrow morning so I will keep you posted.


Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Oh good gracious. How scary. I'm so very glad that he is ok and that it can heal. Like you, we haven't had any broken bones up to this yet. Thank goodness! HA HA!

Hope his week and yours gets better. Sign his cast from the Seaman Clan here in Indiana, will ya?

Hang in there tough guy!
Blessings, Angie Seaman

MamaMia said...

Oh, man!! Amazing your clan made it this long without broken bones.

I sure hope Connor has some good meds to take the edge off and will be praying the visit with the ortho goes well.

Feel better soon Connor!

The fact that you have pictures reminds me to carry my camera with me always. ;)

Michelle said...

You (i mean Connor) finally got a cast!!!!! I am so proud! Hope all is well. P.S. Is it camo?

Anonymous said...

Hope everything goes well with the ortho! We made it through Cross Country season, but start Basketball tomorrow night! I will be holding my breath!

Staci said...

awww poor baby!!! im glad he's okay!!

Anonymous said...

Connor you are so brave--no tears at the hospital..You are the MAN.
Its not good to be a lefty and break the left arm--good thing your teacher was at the game and she will be prepared for you.

Thanks for waking me up real early this morning and hope you liked the dinner I brought especially for you--being the good sharer that you are you did let others have some.

I love you lots--NO MORE BROKEN BONES PLEASE>>>>


lowleeta said...

tell connor boo i love him and hope he heals quickly! sorry i didnt get to see you guys this weekend... i was gonna come by the game saturday but i was EXHAUSTED from gettin up so early to work the american heart assoc walk. i will be back home again in like 2 weeks for thanksgiving! so see yall then! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh girl... I can just imagine how you were feeling on the way to the hospital. Yes... I love the pic with him with the cast and football pants on. Too cute.

Heal quickly Connor!!

~Jill :)

missy said...

oh no!!!! hope is is feeling better soon!! i can not believe this is the first broken bone....with three boys....that is pretty good!!!! hope all goes well at the Dr. tomorrow!!!

Dancing Queen said...

oh, connor!! we're glad you're ok! how very scary for you, hipmom! i'm shocked this is the first broken bone! hoping all goes well & it heals quickly!

what a weekend!

Rachel said...

I hope he heals soon! And I cannot believe this is the first broken have tough boys that is for sure. And what a great family! That is awesome that everyone came to the hospital!!!
sign his cast for me too!!!

siteseer said...

football is always exciting, but bet you could have done without this to end the season. :( Good thing kids heal quickly.

B Boys Mom said...

Not a fun way to end the football season. This year we had a separated shoulder, a sprained ankle and a bruised hip. That was just one kid. With the 4 boys we have had many broken bones. It’s not fun and is so hard seeing them hurt.