Saturday, November 1, 2008

Last of the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.....Sunday

Cody's Surprise Party!!!
Yea,,,I pulled one over on the kid. 
I called some of his friends and asked them to tell the kids that we were having a surprise party for Cody. I was so nervous on Sunday, not really knowing exactly how many kids would show up. We tricked Cody into thinking that we were just going to eat dinner really quick.  Little did he know what we were up to. I am still in shock that I pulled this over on him.
I was so excited to see that about 30 of his close friends showed up to help us celebrate his b-day.
I was so proud of Cody. Here he is working the table making sure that he gets to see and talk to everyone.
Yummy. Only the second birthday cake of the weekend,
The group of friends. He was showered with wonderful gifts and great friends. He is truly blessed to have such a great group of friends.
Happy Birthday Cody!
The End of the celebration.....


Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Oh you are such an awesome Mom girl. What a great party! Also, thanks for "giving" to the Bailee project. We can't express how much we appreciate you. Can you believe we are up to $1050 now? God is good sista'! Thanks for being you. Couldn't have done it without ya!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CODY! Hope its been a blast!
Blessings, Angie Seaman

Anonymous said...

It was a great party and to see Cody surprised was so great. He really does have a great group of friends and special brothers. Can not beleive that he is 15 I remember well the day he was born..yesterday right?

Gramie (Mom)

lowleeta said...

aw SO fun! i wish i could have been there to see the surprised look on his face! i am coming home friday! ahhh i am excited. it's gettin cold already in ny and i need some texas sunshine! and i want to walk barefoot in the grass and see the big blue sky! ha. what kind of website do you want? have you seen mine? let's talk about it when i'm home. maybe i can make it my christmas break project. hollller sista.


Miss Anne said...

How awesome are you??

Suprise parties are the best! :) Nice work mama! :)

Rhonda bryant said...

Dear Mallory,
My name is Rhonda Bryant, I am Bailee's mom. THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping Bailee!!!!! You will never know what it means to us and how it has touched us like nothing has before! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!!!! HUGE blessings to you today!


Dancing Queen said...

how cool!! now you do know, that the other two will be expecting their surprise parties too, right?? ;)

where did ya'll have it?? it looks like a fun place!!

i bet you're spending the day resting! you deserve it for pulling that off! when you have a chance, come by & check out my "Not Me" post!

Rachel said...

What a FAB mom you are...not to mention HIP!!! Can I move in? I love these long Birthday celebrations....soooo sad mine was last Monday and it's over....Happy Birthday Cody!

4funboys said...

such a good mommy R U!

good to know you can still pull one over on them!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... i think i said this before... BUT... i'm gonna say it again... I WANT TO BE YOUR KID... i'm moving in!

how neat... all those friends came... BIG fun for everyone!

you rock mom!

B Boys Mom said...

Great job pull a surprise party off. I don't think I could do it. Looks like they had a great time. Something he will remember for a long time.

Rachel said...

Hey, can you e-mail me some info on how you celebrate birthdays the whole week?! How fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh fun!! I say we should have birthmonths... not birthdays!! Let the celebration go on and on...

~Jill :)

Dancing Queen said...

come check out MY birthday boy today!! he's the big S-I-X!!! hahaha