Thursday, December 18, 2008

Miss Anne Made My Day!!!!

I was so excited to see this on my front porch when I got home!!
A few months ago I started blogging with the double-darling Miss Anne.
She suggested that we do a swap! One of my pieces of jewelry for one of her canvases.

Not only did I get this way too cute package she also included some labels for my new business!
How sweet is she????
This is my " FREAKIN" WAY TOO COOL canvas that she made. I just told her I want a big letter H on it and love the colors black and brown and for her to surprise me!!!
Well, she not only surprised me but but it is perfect!!!
The big letter H, blacks, browns, a crown (she nailed that one) and she added a saying 
"family runs deeper that anything else."
Oh, I just love it!!!!
And she even added some bling-bling (a girl after my own heart)

So go check out the way too cool Miss Anne and maybe if you are lucky she can make you one!


Miss Anne said...

Oh sweet pea, you are too kind!

I'm SO glad you got it!!! :)

I thought the labels would be a nice start to your new business name! :) Hope you like those too!

Can't wait to get my necklace! :)

Many wishes to you and yours this holiday!


THE Stephanie said...

SOOOO cute!!!!

Maggie said...

Very, very nice - I love it!! =)

Allmykids123 said...

I loooooveeee that!

Anonymous said...

Awesome--that is sooo you. Miss Anne did a great job. It is so special to receive something someone made especially for you.


Laura said...

If that isn't the cutest thing ever! Where are you going to hang it?

Dancing Queen said...

so, so beautiful!! i am checkin' her out:)

yep, wild at heart are the shirts our 2 nieces designed, but now their mom is designing some too, that my other sister-in-law, the one you probably saw at canton, sells for them with all the other stuff...i'll have to get all the scoop...i promise!

Allmykids123 said...

GET ON FACEBOOK! In the past 2 days, I have found 83 high school friends. It's been a blast.

Also, Jill (one wired woman) popped up too. Be careful though, it's more addicting than blogging.

When you get one, let me know.

missy said...

oh my gosh!!!! how cute is that!?!?
i love it!!! don't do the facebook(haha) IS very addicting!!!!

Staci said...

very cute, i started doing some canvas's too, they are soo fun for christmas presents!!

Debbie said...

Now that is awesome. I want my blogging buddies to send me something. Just found you through Life with Boys.

The Birds Nest said...

Love your new artwork!! You commented on my anniversary post that you feel old. Please don't. We dated for 17 years before we got married plus 3 years of marriage= 20 years. See??? I'm old too:)

lowleeta said...

i will be heading home in a few hours! i like your christmas countdown. can't wait to see you guys!
and can't wait to talk some business ideas! whooooo

Dancing Queen said...

i'll be thinking about you today...we're headin' to RHS for Annie's Christmas dance recital in the auditorium...i've also been meaning to tell you my sister moved up to your neck of the woods the end of october...i'll have to find out how close she is to you:)

happy saturday!

Dancing Queen said...

aagh! forgot to mention that i did talk to one of the "girls" & got some info for you...i'll e-mail you this evening!

i think we're gonna hit taco diner after the's one of our new favs when we visit my sister...:)