Monday, December 15, 2008

The "stupid","bloody", Christmas cards are done!!!

I have finally finished the Christmas cards!!!!
I'm just a little behind this year. I would normally have them mailed by now. But this year, I decided to wait until the most popular day of the year to mail them out! Did you know that today is the #1 day of the year to mail things out????
Here is where the bloody part comes in. I got a really bad paper cut. Can you see my little finger all bloody? I promise I did not compromise any of the cards!
See, I ran quickly to get a band-aid!!! See how painful it looks!!!
Here is were the stupid part comes in. 
This is the first time in a while that I have bought cards and placed my own picture on them. Well, apparently the card people think that we are really stupid, because they have this printed on EVERY card. 
ATTACH PHOTO HERE=because we think you are stupid
HORIZONTAL OR VERTICAL = because we think you would put it diagonally 
ACCOMMODATES 4x6= because you might be stupid and use a 8x10.

So after doing about 75 of these, and reading this on 
 I'm feeling kinda SMART,
 because I didn't mess up on any of them!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Christmas card--I love the Great picture. I am thankful that I did not have to wait for the mail to deliver mine...Since you mailed on the busy day of the year.

Connor glad no more cast--you were a real trouper.


MOM and Gramie

Miss Anne said...

love the card!

so sorry you had a slight injury! but look at that BLING!!!!

your ring is gorgeous!

happiest holidays to YOU and yours!

Rachel said...

LOL! You did fantastic!! Great job!

Laura said...

Isn't it amazing how much a paper cut hurts? I wondered why the post office was sooooo crowded today when I stopped by to drop off some cards. Doesn't it feel good to check that off your list!

missy said...

i love the cute....mine are still setting on the desk!!! yikes they may have to be holiday cards and not christmas cards!!!! oh and the directions on the that not a hoot!!!!
but ya know that obviously someone at some point could not figure it out otherwise why would they need to put it on there!!!!hahaha!!

Tina Magness said...

Cards are too cute.....I am working on mine today!!!! Hopefully there will no injuries...wish me luck Sista!

Rachel said...

they are very cute and I LOVE the black and white!

Good job in doing them; what a great lil student you are; and it only takes you hearing the directiosn 75 times LOL

Roxy said...

Thanks for visting my blog! I stumbled on yours the other day...not sure from who's...maybe Simply me? Anyway... I am a fan of boys..2 little ones, with my hubby ready for #3. I'm certain it will be another boy...or twins...both would be a blessing...just not ready yet.
Like the cards... I was admiring the polka dots...sorry to hear about the finger...paper cuts are the worst!
Stay in touch.
Happy Holidays!
And get that exercise in...if nothing else park FAR from the store while Xmas shopping.
Every bit helps!

Dancing Queen said...

papercuts are the absolute worse!! but what an adorable card you chose! you did good, girlfriend!

btw...i will most definitely ask my sister-in-law about the shirts & you at canton...she's just trying to decorate her house because she hasn't been home long enough to do that with all the shows on the weekends...what shirts did you buy??

Melissa the Careful Wisher said...

Great pic, bad cut! This post reminds me of the pics waiting on me to move them out!

Rachel said...

I hope your finger is feeling better!

When will the website launch?! Can't wait to see it!

Let me know! I'll add you to my links page on my website!

MamaMia said...

I'm behind on cards...still haven't gotten them out...hopefully by Saturday.

Yours are cute. Funny how the card people assume you know nothing...crazy!

Staci said...

paper cuts are the worst!!!

Maggie said...

OMG, I seriously grabbed my pinky finger in shooting pain when I saw that picture!! I'm one of those that feels pain in the exact same area when I see others with a cut, burn, etc. So, yeah, now I think I might have to go throw up cuz I could have just as well got that dang paper cut myself. Ha ha!! Man, that was a doosie!!!

Glad you got through your cards with no other injuries to speak of, or I'd really be hurtin' here! lol