Sunday, December 14, 2008


The boyz and I went to a party last night and this is what we came home to!!!!
I guess it is official, "I HAVE TEENAGE KIDS"
Welcome to the wonderful world of teenage pranks!!!!
We got Toilet papered last night!
Actually, I thought it was kinda funny, so I ran out and took pictures.
This is what the mess looked like from our front porch!
These are the cute signs that were left in my Christmas decorations!
Notice the hearts? I'm thinking it was some girls that did this! What do you think?
This was the first thing that got thrown away! It says Obama baby!
In this house we are still McCain fans.
Notice the cute hearts, that's a true girl's work!!

Oh man, I should have turned on the Christmas lights! That would have really made the t.p. sparkle.

The boyz and I cleaned up the mess this morning and the yard is back to normal!!!
Well, until next weekend!


Miss Anne said...


I remember my parents house getting TP'd from my little brother's friends... my dad was like WHAT???

Hope it wasn't too crazy to clean up!

Allmykids123 said...

Is that a For Sale sign in your yard? Where are u moving to?

missy said...

i love it!!! we got TP'd not to long ago too!!! oh to be young again!!!

lowleeta said...

oh my gosh i miss those days. we were the queens of papering. half a dozen girls and all our allowances spent on toilet paper - we wreaked havoc on some homes.

if the boys want to get these girls back, remind them that their aunt drives a large SUV and is pretty much a master at this game... and really would like to play.


Rachel said...

How funny is this!!! You were such a good sport...and I would have thrown that sign away too!!!