Monday, March 2, 2009

The big day has arrived!!! I'm 40

Lordy, Lordy looks who's 40!!!
oh, no it's me!!!!
Today is the big day and I turned 40!
Nothing bad happened, my boobs are still up-right, my butts not sagging and I don't have any new wrinkles!!!! YEA....
I'm off to a wonderful lunch at Silos and we have a dinner party tonight to celebrate.
My way to hip hubby is throwing me a 40th b-day party this Saturday night with all of our friends and family. (can't wait for that and I can't wait to see my cake)
I just got one of my presents,,,,I know everyone will say how spoiled....
But, hubby booked us a family vacation and we leave Sunday after the party to.................
DISNEY WORLD, just the most magical place on earth!!!!
I am so excited and the boys can't wait, we all just love it there....
So, I guess this will be a 2 week celebration for the big 40!!!
I know I have been a bad blogger, but just cut me some more slack for the next 2 weeks and I promise I will be back with more!!!!!


Simply Me... said...

Happy Birthday Girl... Wow the big 40, have a great day and I sure have missed you! you bad blogger you!

love ya!

Blogalicious Designs said...

weve missed u!!! happy bday

Dancing Queen said...


You've DEFINITELY been missed!! I checked out your shop & it is FAbuLOus!!! congratulations!!!

we are in spring break countdown too! disney is fun, but we'll be heading north to NYC!!! can't wait!!

don't forget about us loyal friends;)
so all is well with your health??? so glad!!

you make 40 look OH SO SMOKIN'!!!

missy said...

happy birthday!!!!! the big 40 isn't so bad is it!??!!??!
so glad to see you back...we have missed you!!!!
take care and hope you have awesome birthday get togethers!!!!! and a magical vacation!!!!!!

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Mallory
Happy Birthday to you!

Can't wait to see you!!!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El) said...

My 40s have been the best decade of my life for so many reasons!

I struggled through heart break and came out stronger, I earned a master's degree, I became even better friends with my son, I found God, I've been on five missions trips, I got married, and I'm still not 50 yet.

I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog on your birthday! Happy Day to you! Happy TWO WEEKS to you! Happy decade of new possibilities to you!

ellie from Illinois

Miss Anne said...

Happiest Birthday Wishes Sweet Pea!

Have a blast in Disneyland!

I hope that you have been doing great, i think of you often! I know life gets busy and sometimes blogland takes a backseat! (trust me i know right now!)


THE Stephanie said...

Happy birthday!! Never would have guessed you were the big 4-0 if you hadn't posted it on the internet! :)

Have a great birthday and a wonderful vacation!

lowleeta said...

heyyy happy belated birthday. sorry i didnt get to tell you yesterday. i had a VERY long day of traveling and delays were awful. back to the cold cold snow. missing the texas sun already.

hope you had a great bday. wish i could be there for your party.

Angie Seaman said...
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Miss Slick One said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope you all have a fun, safe trip! :)


4funboys said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a great time with Mickey and your family!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Not bad prizes for turning 40!

Have heaps of fun!