Friday, March 20, 2009

The store is OPEN!!!

The New STORE is OPEN!!!!
Bling Bling Junkie....
I'm so excited. 
 I've been working on this for months and after buying, making, ordering, customizing, computer lessons it is finally open.
Check us out at


missy said...

oh my gosh!!!! how awesome!!!!!!
everything looks sooo cute can't wait to go check out the store!!!!!!
enjoy and have fun!!!!
and so glad to have you back on here...we missed you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great wweb sight and I LOVE the cute name of your store--BlingBling Junkie-sooooooooooo cute. You have some awesome things and I will be ordering as soon as I tye this message.


Tangee said...

Oh my gosh, too cute! I bet you are going to be wildly successful. That is awesome. I love the name.

Rachel said...

I love all your pieces!!! Congrats on the's fantastic!

MamaMia said...

Boy we have missed you...this store better be good! Ha, ha...I know it is. Gonna go check it out.

Anonymous said...

checked out your stuff and love it all..Do you set up at office lunch trooms during lunch time,thats a great was to get out there and get
your name out there,Get that going girlfriend and I will help you ouy
t. LETS DO IT BEFORE mothers day.

You know who,

The Birds Nest said...

Go girl!!! Congrats!!! Love it!!!

Roxy said...

happy belated Bday.
Will check out the store...good for you!!!

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Whoops, just realized how old your post is - I really have to visit blogs more often.

Scratch the last comment...Hope you HAD heaps of fun!