Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm in LOVE...and I'm not talking about hubby

I'm in LOVE....
and I'm not talking about hubby...
shhhhhh...don't tell him!!!!
Hubby has had it with me. He has found out my secret!!!
He's has caught me in the act:
1. on the sofa with "it" sitting in my lap
2. way to busy with "it" to cook dinner
3. I'm always holding "it"
4. I'm always talking about "it"
5. I have to hide "it" from the kids
6.I have even slipped a "rubber case" on "it"
7. I've got lessons so I know all the ways to use "it"
8. I'm up late at night with "it"
9. I always talk about how easy "it" is.
10. and worse of all, he caught me in bed with "it"

I know I'm having an affair with "it"
"it" is so hot, and I love "it".....

Silly peps,
IT is my new
Macbook Pro.
I never understood the obsession with laptops.
I always thought I was a desk top kinda girl!
Well, I was wrong.
This laptop R O C K S!!!!!!

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missy said...

I have one too....and love it!!!!!!! :)