Monday, September 13, 2010


I took Cody and his friends Connor and Logan to the UT football game.
I was so excited to go since we only have 4 season tickets and with 3 boys hip mom is the first one left when they needed me to take them I jumped on that.
We had a blast. We got there and enjoyed sitting in the INZONE club before the game and boys really enjoyed checking out the UT cheerleaders
Here are the LONGHORN fans in their seats, enjoying the game!
Here's where all the fun really started.
The boys brought a vuvuzela (which means really loud and annoying horn)
on the way out of the stadium they were blowing it at the fans having a good ole time...
all the fans got a kick out of it.
While we were at a light, they blow it out the window and the car next to us had their window down....lets just say it scared the $#*! out of them.
The UT fans in the car next to us called us mother F-ers....and we all laughed.
We sat there for about a minute when all of the sudden we hear this bang...
My first thought was holy crap I just hit someone or someone just hit us...
OH NO...we finally see it....
the boys in the car next to us...threw a sausage on the hood of my car.
Yes you heard me right a .....SAUSAGE!!!
It must have been leftover from their pre-game BBQ.
And heres the evidence......
We got sausaged...
It really was quite FUNNY....
We laughed the whole way home!!!
UT + vuvuzela + sausage= one fun night

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